18 Best Tiny House Showers and Accessories 2024

Are you gearing up to buy a tiny home or build one yourself? Whether your plans include hiring a tiny home builder or attempting the DIY tiny house build of the century, you’ll need a shower to go with it. Fortunately, I am an expert on small-space showers, and I’m here to tell you everything you need to know!

I am the perfect candidate to help you choose a space-efficient shower because I live in a tiny house. I also once had a job cleaning high-end vacation rentals. Translation: I know a thing or two about space-saving showers that feel luxurious and are easy to clean. So read on, and I’ll help you find your dream tiny house shower!

How I Picked the Best Tiny House Showers

Showering is a basic need, and many of us indulge daily, so it’s important to have a shower you love. And when you live in a tiny house, it’s even more important to love your shower for one simple reason: you will be living extremely close to your things.

Since small-space living is at the core of this article, I considered size first and foremost in making my selections. 

Related to size, I also considered space as it relates to shower doors. In a traditional home, you often see shower doors that swing outward, but that motion eats up valuable space. While one traditional hinge door made this list, I prioritized sliding doors, retractable doors, neo-angle showers, and even a fancy French door you’ll have to see to believe.

I also considered privacy (hello frosted glass!), the feasibility of adjusting or reversing hardware, user reviews, and ease of cleaning.

Alright, are you ready to hear what made my list of the best tiny house showers?!

Tiny House Shower Kits

Shower kits are great if you are building a DIY tiny house because they save the time and hassle of finding pieces that work together.

Most shower kits don’t include fixtures, and not all include walls, but you can generally expect a base and a door enclosure. 

Here are the four best tiny house shower kits.

1. Best Tiny House Shower Kit: Ove Decors Rounded Frosted Glass Sliding Corner Shower Kit

This Ove Decors Frosted Glass Sliding Corner Shower is the one that I have installed in my tiny home, and I love it.

The unit takes up minimal space, and the frosted glass provides privacy and the appearance of cleanliness even when the doors aren’t perfectly clean.

One thing to note about sliding doors is that their functionality will suffer if your tiny house is unlevel, but personally, I think the space they save is worth it. 


  • Easy-to-clean doors and surround
  • Frosted privacy glass
  • Sliding doors
  • Space-saving shape
  • Reversible hardware
  • 5-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • Door rollers can be tricky to clean
  • Sliding function can be impared if tiny home isn’t level

2. DreamLine Prime Semi-Frameless Frosted Glass Sliding Shower Enclosure

I love my shower, but if I had it to do over again, I might consider switching to this DreamLine Prime Semi-Frameless Frosted Glass Sliding Shower Enclosure. 

This one has two doors that slide away from each other. This center entry gives the illusion of more space because you enter at the most spacious and accessible part of the shower. 

Like the Ove listed above, the DreamLine Prime also comes with frosted glass, but keep in mind this kit does not include walls.

Still, it’s a simple, sleek option that users report is easy to install.


  • Gives the illusion of more space
  • Lighter weight doors
  • No cross-body pulling motion required to operate
  • Easy installation
  • Frosted privacy glass
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty


  • Shower walls not included
  • Two sets of rollers to contend with
  • Slightly bigger than single door versions (this one is 36”)

3. DreamLine French Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure

If you are looking for a tiny house shower that turns your small bathroom into a spa bathroom, look no further than this DreamLine French Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure.

Unlike the first two options, this one is square, which is good news for those who like a little more elbow room!

This shower has a striking corner opening with sliding panels that part for entry. And the square gridlines will transport users directly to Europe. So don’t be surprised if guests come over for dinner and ask to use your shower!

Be forewarned that the gridlines are made of a tape material. This makes the doors less hefty than some might hope, but on the positive side, they are lightweight and easier to clean. 


  • Striking design
  • Clever corner entry
  • Space-saving
  • Limited 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Walls not included
  • Gridlines made of tape
  • Doors not as hefty as some might hope
  • Dinner guests may try to take a shower

Shower Panels

You could put tile in your tiny house shower, and many people do! But tile adds weight, which is why I like shower panels. They are easy to clean, relatively easy to install, and they won’t crack when your house is in transport.

Are you ready to see some options?

4. Ove Decors Misty Solid Surface Corner Shower Wall

If you like a spa bathroom as much as I do, you’ll love this Ove Decors Misty Solid Surface Corner Shower Wall.

It might look like heavy tile, but it’s actually a series of three lightweight panels. So no grout or elbow grease required!

This shower surround appeals to me because the variation in the gray won’t show dirt easily. But when it is time to clean it, trust me, large panels are the way to go! Better yet, they’re durable. So if you are building a tiny house vacation rental, you can’t do better than this composite plastic that’s scratch and mildew-resistant.


  • Multiple sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t show dirt
  • Spa-like feel
  • Scratch and mildew resistant
  • 5-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • Limited reviews available

5. Sterling Accord Shower Kit

At 60” x 36,” the Sterling Accord Shower Kit is the largest shower option on our list.

The tiny house lifestyle is all about using space in whatever way you’ll value it most. So if you enjoy a large, luxurious shower, the Sterling Accord could be the shower surround for you.

I like this particular product because the panels are easy to clean. The kit also has a removable bench for shaving needs, mobility assistance, or whatever else you need! Finally, it has multiple shelves to help keep tiny homes with families organized.

Please note that this kit doesn’t include doors.


  • Large
  • Very sturdy design
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple shelves
  • Removable shower bench
  • 10-year limited residential warranty and 3-year limited commercial warranty


  • Kit doesn’t include doors
  • Pricey
  • Some reports of damage during shipping

6. Delta Classic Shower Wall Kit

Tiny Home Shower
Our rating
Delta Classic Shower Wall Kit
Delta Classic Shower Wall Kit
    Our Rating
    Our #6 Rated
    5 out of 5

    If you value shower storage, I recommend you check out this Delta Classic Shower Wall Kit.

    It has great storage shelves and is intended for direct-to-stud mounting for maximum durability.

    Based on reviews, this isn’t the easiest shower surround to install, but the Delta Classic will offer longevity if you know your way around studs.

    Please note that this kit does not include doors.


    • Easy to clean
    • Multiple shelves
    • Direct-to-stud mounting
    • There is a warranty… of some kind.


    • Unclear which Delta warranty is applicable
    • Mixed reviews on ease of installation

    7. Best Tiny House Tub and Shower Walls: Cascade Mirroflex Tub and Shower Wall Panels

    Tiny House Shower
    Our rating
    Cascade MirroFlex Tub and Shower Wall Panels
    Cascade MirroFlex Tub and Shower Wall Panels
      Our Rating
      Our #7 Rated
      4.4 out of 5

      If you want to build a tiny house shower that makes a statement, these Cascade Mirroflex Tub and Shower Wall Panels will do that.

      I typically shy away from texture in showers, but the fact that these panels are grout-free, stunningly beautiful, and not porous, earned them a place on this list.

      The set comes with three panels that you can easily trim to fit most showers. It requires installation, but only glue (and maybe a touch of caulk) is involved.


      • Striking aesthetic
      • Can be trimmed to fit most showers
      • Easy installation
      • Commercial warranty – this product is intended for residential and commercial use


      • Limited reviews

      Shower Pans

      A shower pan might not be the coolest part of your tiny house build, but it’s still not something to skimp on.

      When shopping for a shower pan, the most important thing is to pay attention to the specifics of your build. You’ll want to consider the positioning of the drain, the support requirements underneath the pan, and the general shape.

      8. Best Tiny House Corner Shower Pan: Lippert Corner Shower Pan

      At only 30,” this Lippert Corner Shower pan is small! It also has a neo-angle shape that saves space and makes an impression at the same time.

      There is a layer of no-slip textured plastic on the bottom, and although the Amazon listing refers to it as an ‘RV’ shower pan, there is nothing that specifies it as such. This pan would work equally well for a tiny home, a skoolie, or a van build.

      If there’s one thing about this pan that gives me pause, it’s the difficulty of installation. You don’t want a shower pan that squeaks or sinks when you step into it. And this one won’t- if you install it correctly. If you’re a newbie, though, there could be a better option.


      • Neo-angle
      • No-slip bottom


      • Not the easiest to install

      9. Best Tiny House Rectangular Shower Pan: Lippert Components 210369 Rectangular Shower Pan

      This Lippert Components 210369 Rectangular Shower Pan is a narrow 24” wide.

      Some critical reviews call this particular product ‘flimsy,’ but I have to wonder if they are familiar with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). People who are used to fiberglass may be caught off guard by how lightweight ABS can be. But sometimes that’s exactly what you want for your tiny house. (Oh, and by the way, ABS is stronger than fiberglass too!)

      One word of caution: there is a left and right version of this product, and they are not interchangeable. So double-check which one you need!


      • 24”wide
      • Lightweight
      • Made in the USA


      • Pricey
      • Tricky to install if you’re a novice

      10. Best Tiny House Square Shower Base: PROFLO Morenci Square Shower Base

      This PROFLO Morenci Square Shower Base is just an all-around solid option. 

      I like it because it’s an even 32” x 32” with a drain dead in the center.

      It also has a deep base. Of course, no one wants a shower that collects water, but it’s nice to know that if the drain does get clogged, you won’t instantly have a bigger problem on your hands.

      This pan’s surface has a non-slip coating and is stain-resistant, but if I could change something, it would be the drain. It strikes me as small and unnecessarily cheap.

      Still, the PROFLO Morenci is a great option for those who want to keep things simple. And isn’t that what a tiny house lifestyle is all about?


      • Center drain
      • Deep base
      • No-slip coating
      • Stain resistant


      • Small drain
      • Drain looks cheap

      Shower Doors

      You might think a shower door is just a shower door, but there are actually a surprising number of options!

      There are traditional hinge doors, neo-angle hinge doors, adjustable doors, retractable doors, and the ever-popular sliding doors.

      Are you ready to hear my top shower door picks in each category?

      11. Best Tiny House Retractable Shower Door: Nautilus RV Retractable Shower Door 

      Tiny House Shower
      Our rating
      Nautilus RV Retractable Shower Door
      Nautilus RV Retractable Shower Door
        Our Rating
        4.4 out of 5

        Most people don’t think of retractable shower doors as an option. At least not until they try to build a small-space dwelling, that is!

        Nautilus RV Retractable Shower doors are the ones that were made famous by the #vanlife community, but are they worth the hype? 

        Well, yes. Kind of.

        My best advice is to think it out slowly: retractable shower door. It won’t be as solid or reliable as a hinged door, but if you’re looking for something light and space-saving, this is the best retractable door on the market.


        • Retractable; super lightweight; reported to be self-cleaning


        • Not as sturdy as a regular door; must be installed with precision to function correctly

        12. Best Tiny House Shower Door: VIGO Adjustable 44-48 Inch Elan Frameless Rectangle Shower Door

        Did you know that you can buy adjustable shower doors? You can (and this one happens to be a show-stopper!)

        This VIGO Adjustable Elan Frameless Rectangle Shower Door might be heavy, but if you can spare the weight and want to build a luxury bathroom, this could be the door for you. 

        Users of this product report that it’s easy to install- provided you’re strong and good at that sort of thing. The instructions aren’t as helpful as they could be, but if you are familiar with the process of hanging doors, you’ll be fine. 

        Can we just take one more look at that epic hardware?


        • Luxury feel
        • Solid and structurally sound
        • Adjustable
        • Lifetime warranty on structural glass and material finishes, 2-year warranty on hardware, 1-year seal strip


        • Heavy 
        • Tough to install alone
        • Instructions could be better

        13. Best Tiny House Frameless Shower Door: DreamLine Unidoor 23-Inch Frameless Hinged Shower Door

        OK, I promised you one standard hinged door, and here it is! The DreamLine Unidoor 23” Frameless Hinged Shower Door might be small, but the manufacturer did not skimp on the luxury factor.

        The downside is that the door is heavy and needs to be properly mounted. Two (professional) installers are recommended. 

        I love that the hardware is reversible, but there is no adjustment for uneven walls. So make sure the walls are plumb and take all measurements after the walls are finished.

        This shower door is worth it; just take the time to do it right.


        • 23”
        • High-end luxury feel
        • Reversible hardware
        • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty


        • Heavy
        • Professional installation recommended
        • No recourse for uneven walls

        14. Best Tiny House Neo-Angle Shower: Mustee & Sons Neo-Angle Shower

        Tiny House Shower
        Our rating
        Mustee & Sons Neo-Angle Shower
        Mustee & Sons Neo-Angle Shower
          Our Rating
          Our #14 Rated
          4.6 out of 5

          If you are looking for a tiny house shower that keeps things simple, you might want to consider this Mustee & Sons Neo-Angle option.

          It’s made of high-grade aluminum and tempered glass, that’s presented in a straightforward design.

          Unlike the DreamLine Unidoor, you can adjust this one to cope with uneven walls. It also has reversible hardware that comes in several finishes.


          • Simple installation
          • Can be fitted with uneven walls
          •  Many finish options including silver, nickel, and bronze
          • 1-year material and workmanship warranty


          • Underwhelming design
          • Limited product reviews

          Shower Fixtures

          Remember how I said that quality is important because, in a tiny house, you live close to your things? It’s true. And I notice quality the most when it comes to fixtures.

          Fixtures should be pleasing to the eye, gentle to the touch, sturdy, easy to clean and provide top-of-the-line functionality. And if you live in an off-grid tiny home, you’ll also want to consider water conservation.

          I’ve done the research, and here are the best shower fixtures for a tiny house! 

          15. SR SUN RISE Matte Black Shower System

          I love that this fixture system includes a detachable shower head because it makes bathing your pup and cleaning the shower easier. A detachable shower head should be an obvious choice, and if it isn’t, you may not be doing your share of cleaning the tiny house bathroom. Yes, I said it.

          I also love that the SR SUN RISE has separate knobs to control water temperature and pressure, so you can conserve water while enjoying a truly hot shower.

          If there’s one thing I’m not crazy about, it’s that there are logos emblazoned everywhere. But, hey, it’s a great product and the team who made it deserves to be proud.


          • Mixer for separate temperature and pressure control
          • Detachable shower head


          • Logos emblazoned everywhere

          16. Best Tiny House Shower Trim: Delta Faucet T27867-BL 3-Valve Shower Trim With Diverter

          Before you get too carried away, let me tell you that Delta Faucet T27878-BL is primarily a diverter. (That’s the fixture component that directs water down to the tub or up to a shower faucet.) 

          Bathtubs are beyond the scope of this article, but I wanted to include a second option with separate pressure/temperature controls because I know how important water conservation is to the tiny home community.

          Aesthetically, I really like this Delta 3-valve, but I wish the temperature control knob wasn’t plastic. Maybe that won’t bother you?


          • Controls water pressure and temperature separately
          • Has a diverter for bathtubs
          • Attractive


          • Temperature control knob is plastic

          17. Best Tiny House Rain Shower Head: ESNBIA Shower System Rain Shower Head With Handheld Combo Set

          If you want a tiny home shower worthy of Instagram, look no further than this ESNBIA Rain Shower Head With Handheld Combo Set.

          The rain shower head is a full 12,” but if you have the room, it will turn your tiny house shower into the spa bathroom of your vacation fantasies.

          Do you know how high-quality things have weight to them? This is that fixture set.

          One note of caution, though, the weight of this set will require that the piping behind the wall be capable of supporting it. So just be sure to account for that!


          • Super high-quality
          • 12” rainfall shower head
          • Handheld shower head
          • Many finish options including gold, nickel, bronze, and matte black


          • Heavy; requires careful mounting

          18. Moen Genta LX Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Modern Valve Trim

          I have Moen faucets installed in my tiny house, and I am not sorry about it.

          You wouldn’t think metal could feel ‘velvety,’ but it can. So if you want a tiny house shower that oozes decadence, I’d definitely recommend this brand.

          You’ll want to double-check to ensure you have a compatible valve for this product, but putting in the effort now, will make life easier later. Moen M-PACT valves are part of a common valve system, which makes it easy for you to update the trim at any time without changing what’s behind it. Pretty cool, right? 


          • Velvety feel
          • Comes in multiple finishes including brushed nickel, chrome, and matte black
          • Uses an Moen M-PACT common valve system, so you can change the trim style without buying new valves
          • ADA compliant
          • Made in the USA
          • Limited lifetime warranty


          • Hold on, I’m still trying to think of one

          Tiny House Showers Buying Guide

          Now that you know the best shower options, it’s time to look at things more technically. How do you know which shower or shower accessories are right for you?

          Ease of Installation

          I recommend first looking at ease of installation. Do you know why? Because a good shower is one that works.

          If properly installed, a tiny house shower is a beautiful thing. But if it’s not done right, you could end up with a squeaky shower pan, a sliding door that won’t close, or a mold problem that won’t quit. Tiny house living is about enjoying your best life, so make sure you choose a design that meets the skill sets of the person installing it. 


          Next, I’d encourage you to turn your attention to materials. Materials affect the weight of your tiny home, so unless yours is foundation-built, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one. 

          Materials also come in varying levels of durability, so what could work for a single adult might not hold up for a family with kids and pets.

          If you follow the advice in this article, you will be able to determine the tiny house shower that will get you through thick and thin. But if something ever does go wrong, it’s nice to have a warranty to fall back on.

          Durability and Warranty

          I’ve included warranty information where possible, but be sure to take a closer look at the specifics as you narrow down your choices. Remember that ‘lifetime’’ doesn’t refer to the duration of your life but rather the length of time the manufacturer produces the product. 

          You’ll also want to note that some products come with full warranties, whereas others are ‘limited.’ And ‘limited’ means anything the manufacturer wants it to, so be sure to read the fine print! 

          Finally, remember that warranties typically exist to cover defects, not user accidents or normal wear and tear. A warranty can’t protect you from every disaster, but it’s always good to shop with your eyes open.

          Final Thoughts

          Alright, that’s a wrap on the best tiny house showers on the market! I hope you gained some inspiration for your small bathroom.

          Here at TinyLivingLife.com, we can’t get enough of tiny houses and the people behind them. So comment below to tell us about your tiny home design! Will you be using something from this list?