Top 18 Best Tiny House Furniture Ideas

We heard you want to buy a tiny house, and we’re behind that idea 100%. But how does one furnish a tiny home, exactly? Today we’ll apply our knowledge of small-space living to evaluate the best tiny house furniture options.

We put together a comprehensive list and are digging deep into the pros and cons of each piece of furniture. We love all the furniture below, but there probably are ones that are right for you, so read on to learn which furniture pieces will suit your tiny home best!

How We Picked the Best Tiny House Furniture

Finding furniture for a tiny house is a tricky thing for many reasons. You need smaller furniture items, but size isn’t the only thing to consider. You also want to consider what types of furniture are essential to you and how many purposes a particular piece might serve.

In researching this article, we leaned hard on our own experience of living tiny. We know that just because something will physically fit doesn’t mean it won’t overpower a room. We also know that just because something is called an “end table” doesn’t mean you have to use it that way.

The tiny house lifestyle is about embracing quality over quantity. It’s about the intersection of function and form. And above all, it’s about well-being and the freedom to live a beautiful life. 

For those reasons, we chose items based on the quality of materials and construction, flexibility of use, and general aesthetic. 

When you buy a tiny house, you will embark on your most fantastic adventure yet. So are you ready to find some furniture to go with it?

Best Tiny House Couches

When you live in a tiny house, you won’t be running around the way you would in a traditional home- there’s nowhere to go! Tiny home owners cope with this by spending more time outside than the average person, but even we must come indoors occasionally. 

When we are inside, chances are, we’ll be sitting on the couch. So let’s make it a great one, shall we?

1. Home Reserve Jovie Sectional

Our rating
Home Reserve Jovie Sectional
Home Reserve Jovie Sectional
    Our Rating
    4.5 out of 5

    This Jovie Sectional by Home Reserve is our number one choice when it comes to small space couches. We’ve tried it ourselves and would buy it again in a heartbeat. 

    We love it because the sections are customizable. There are six shapes (armless, corner, arms, end panel, lounger, and ottoman) that you can order in any number or combination to create the perfect couch for your small space living room.

    Furthermore, there is a storage compartment under every cushion; every piece of fabric is removable, and it’s seriously comfortable!


    • Customizable build-a-couch
    • Storage under every cushion
    • Removable fabric
    • Extremely comfortable


    • Removable fabric is difficult to remove
    • Couch is sturdy when put together but made of particle board 
    • Assembly required

    2. OSP Home Furnishings Russell Reversible Sectional Sofa 

    This Russell Reversible Sofa by OSP is a great choice for small living rooms. At 74” wide, it fits in a road-legal tiny home (8.5’ wide) with room to spare.

    Not only will this sectional fit in your tiny house, but thanks to the mild color variation of the fabric, dirt and pet hair won’t be quite as noticeable. And that’s a good thing because anyone who lives tiny will tell you that things in small spaces get used more often.

    Finally, we love that there is a chaise (more seating) and that the chaise is reversible to fit the specifics of your layout.


    • Fits narrow wall of a road-legal tiny home
    • Fabric hides dirt
    • Reversible chaises


    • No secondary use (storage, sleeper sofa, etc.)

    3. Devion Furniture Russ Sectional Sleeper Sofa Bed

    The Devion Furniture Russ Sectional Sleeper Sofa Bed is an excellent option for tiny home dwellers. 

    Right off the bat, the L-shape does wonders when hosting guests in a small space. This is because multiple angles allow you to face your guests without purchasing additional seating.

    There are couches with storage and couches that are sleeper sofas, but what makes the Russ sectional so great is that you don’t have to choose. Did we just find the ultimate tiny house couch?


    • L-shaped
    • Storage
    • Sleeper sofa
    • Attractive


    • Assembly required
    • Chaise is not reversible

    Best Tiny House Storage Ottomans

    An ottoman isn’t typically at the forefront of our minds when choosing furniture, but trust us, it’s one of the most functional pieces you could include in a tiny home!

    Not only do ottomans give you a place to rest your feet, but storage ottomans also hide clutter, double as guest seating, and can be pushed against a couch to create a romantic tiny house daybed.

    Do you want to hear our favorite versions? We thought so.

    4. Convenience Concepts Designs4Comfort Accent Storage Ottoman

    This Designs4Comfort model is our top choice when it comes to storage ottomans for a tiny home.

    It’s sturdy and made with convincing faux leather that will keep vegans (and tiny home dwellers in search of quality) happy.

    This ottoman might have storage, but the best part is that the lid flips upside down to become a tiny coffee table. How is that for multi-functional tiny house furniture?


    • Sturdy
    • High-quality vegan leather
    • Doubles as a coffee table
    • Comes in bright and natural colors


    • Occasional reports of damage during shipping

    5. Homepop Velvet Tufted Round Storage Ottoman 

    If you dream of a magazine-worthy tiny house, you’ll want to get yourself one of these Homepop velvet tufted storage ottomans sooner rather than later.

    No matter what color scheme you’re going for, you can find one of these to match. And better yet, it’s made of expensive-looking velvet.

    We like this model because the top comes off completely rather than lifting with a hinge. We also like that the legs can be removed for height flexibility. The bottom is smooth, so you can enjoy it at any size without damaging your floor.


    • Looks expensive
    • Many color options
    • Adjustable height
    • No-hinge lid


    • Not ideal for use as a table without additional support

    6. Homepop Classic Square Storage Ottoman

    This option by Homepop caters to those who enjoy a minimalist design. Unlike the velvet tufted version, this one has a hinged lid (but we can get over it because it looks so high-end).

    The other thing we love about this storage ottoman is the shape. Squares make for easy building blocks, so buy two to turn your couch into a chaise or build a breakaway coffee table!


    • High-quality fabric
    • Solid and patterned fabric
    • Square shape allows for multiple uses


    • No bright color options
    • Hinge lid

    7. First Hill FHW Storage Ottoman 

    This First Hill FHW Storage Ottoman made our list mostly because it is such a show-stopper.

    The linen fabric will remind you daily that you are living your best tiny house life, and the brass upholstery tacks will make your tiny house Instagram photos pop.

    We don’t love the hinged lid, but we do love the width. 24” long is a great length for tiny home flexibility. 

    We imagine most people would use this in the living room, but don’t forget that storage ottomans are also small enough to be used as tiny home bedroom furniture. Who needs a loft chest?!


    • Show-stopping finishes
    • High-quality construction
    • 24” length


    • Hinge lid
    • Difficulties reported with putting on the legs

    8. First Hill FHW Ottoman Bench Storage 

    This is another piece by First Hill, and although this is the first time we’ve heard of an ottoman bench, we’re sold!

    If you live in a tiny house, this piece services many functions. The lower rack is a great place to put shoes, and the upper compartment opens with a hinge for any clutter you may want to hide.

    At 43.5” long, this storage ottoman is the longest one on our list, but if you choose to have it double as your coffee table, you’ll have plenty of room. Its length could also allow you to use it in tandem with your couch for a makeshift sleeper sofa.


    • 43.5” long
    • Very multi-functional


    • Few color options
    • Some difficulty with assembly reported

    Best Tiny House Coffee Tables

    To have a coffee table or not to have a coffee table? That is one of the big, tiny house questions!

    Coffee tables might not be necessary per se, but if you don’t have a desk or a small dining room table in your tiny home, you may want to consider one.

    Because a tiny house lifestyle runs more smoothly when objects have a secondary use, we’ve selected coffee tables that serve more than one purpose. We’ve even gotten creative and offered you one option that wasn’t intended to be used as a coffee table at all. 

    Are you ready to see what made our list?

    9. GOOD & GRACIOUS Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment 

    If you are going for a minimalist vibe in your tiny home, you’ll want to take a look at this GOOD & GRACIOUS Lift Top Coffee Table with a Hidden Storage Compartment.

    Its thick, bold construction might seem like an odd choice for a tiny home, but it won’t overpower your small space in a truly minimalist living room. But the best part is its lift-top table. It provides a coffee table, a storage option, and a work-from-home desk all in one. 

    You might assume it would be heavy, but users report it’s lightweight. And it’s strong too. The lift-top table can support 48 pounds when extended and 120 pounds when closed.


    • Lift top table
    • Minimalist design 
    • Storage compartment.


    • Could overpower a non-minimalist tiny living room.

    10. YITAHOME Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage Shelf, Drawers, and Hidden Compartment 

    The YITAHOME Lift Top Coffee Table is another version we like.

    It might be twice the price of the GOOD & GRACIOUS version, but it is a higher quality table with three storage options.

    The lift-top table opens to reveal a storage compartment, and underneath is a shelf. At the bottom are a couple of drawers for even more storage!

    You don’t want to be digging through hard-to-reach places every time you need to access an item. That’s why we love this piece. It’s a coffee table and desk that allows you to keep frequently used items organized and close by.


    Multiple storage options; lift top desk; pneumatic rod hydraulic mechanism allows for soft-close.


    Pricier than other models; desk is a little heavy to lift.

    11. Signature Design by Ashley Shellmond Rustic Life Top Shadow Box Coffee Table

    Not everything will fit in your tiny home, so you must surround yourself with your favorite things. And what better way than to display them in something functional like a coffee table with a glass top?

    This rustic shadow box coffee table by Ashley Shellmond is a vibe, so if you were looking for the perfect piece to pull your small living room together, this is it.

    This coffee table isn’t the sturdiest thing around (so think twice if you have pets or children), but we still can’t stop staring at it.


    Striking aesthetic; display storage.


    Not particularly durable; reports of breakage during transport; X design of support bars makes under-storage difficult.

    12. Roundhill Furniture Cylina Round Coffee Table with Four Stools

    OK, at 36” in diameter, this coffee table will take up some prime real estate in your tiny living room, but if you like to entertain, it’s probably worth it.

    The Cylina Round Coffee Table with Stools by Roundhill Furniture will turn your coffee table into a dining room simply by sliding out the stools. 

    The colors and construction could feel a bit heavy or dark in a tiny home, but hey, you do you!


    Easy seating for guests; hollow stool design allows for storage when not in use.


    Bold black and brown aesthetic could feel heavy in a tiny house.

    13. Lavish Home Wire Nesting Baskets with Wood Tops

    If you have been on the fence about having a coffee table in your tiny home, let us hit you with an alternative: what if you repurposed a different type of furniture?

    These Lavish Home Wire Nesting Baskets are more commonly used as side tables, but why not use them to enjoy your morning coffee? Their solid wood tops make perfect TV trays or tiny dining tables.

    Do you want to get even more creative? These nesting baskets also make great laundry hampers, bedside tables, and bongo drums, so feel free to repurpose them at your leisure!


    • Multi-functional
    • Two sizes
    • Small


    • Wire holes are too big to store certain items
    • Can’t be used to hide clutter

    Best Tiny House Carts

    We went back and forth about the validity of referring to a cart as ‘furniture.’ But like we said above, when you live in a tiny house, you need to be willing to rethink some things.

    Storage carts are great because you can use them in just about every room in your tiny house. In a small living room, for example, a cart can serve as a sleek end table, or when placed next to a door, it can offer a place to put items you might grab as you leave the house. 

    Storage carts in closets can help keep a small closet space organized, and when you keep them in the kitchen, carts make killer pull-out pantries.

    Put a storage cart in your bathroom to hold your toiletry supplies, or use a break-apart version for the smallest beside storage ever invented.  

    Can we just skip the debate about whether or not a cart counts as furniture? Because regardless, your tiny house shopping list needs one ASAP!

    14. YAMAZAKI Rolling Storage Cart

    This one’s pricey, but it’s worth it. How do we know? We loved it so much we bought two.

    The matte black metal is as soft as it looks in the pictures, and the wood on top is even better than it looks in the pictures.

    If you want to get crafty, we happen to know you can use some basic hardware to stack two of these and create the roll-out pantry of your tiny home dreams.

    If there was a downside, it’s that the matte black finish doesn’t respond well to oils, and it can be tricky to clean off fingerprints. We solved this by putting a piece of matte black contact paper over the broad panel, and it’s holding up well.


    • Sleek aesthetic
    • Multi-functional


    • Pricey
    • Oil is tough to clean off matte black metal

    15. YAMAZAKI Rolling Bathroom Cart with Handle

    This Yamazaki cart is similar to the one we mentioned above, but with one key difference: it has a side panel for hiding clutter.

    This version could be a better bet if you are looking for a slim end table to hide your TV remote or a bathroom cart to hide the spare TP.

    We also like the fact that it comes in white. Light colors make small spaces seem bigger, so if you need a place to store things while keeping your tiny home light and bright, we’d recommend this cart.


    • Clutter-hiding side panel
    • Light colors maximize space
    • Half-tray allows for tall-item storage


    • Pricey

    16. Mobile Shelving Unit Storage Organizer with Five Baskets

    This Mobile Shelving Unit Storage Organizer with Five Baskets is another cart we’ve known and loved in our tiny house careers.

    It might not win any aesthetic awards, but it’s sturdy for what it is, and the tiers click together like legos for custom sizing.

    We like that these carts are a mare 5” wide because that allows us to tuck them into super small spaces. And keep in mind that’s the best spot to keep them! They are too lightweight to stand alone in the middle of a room.


    • Super slim
    • Adjustable number of tiers
    • Inexpensive
    • Drainage holes in the bottom for damp items


    • Functional aesthetic
    • Too lightweight to stand out in the open

    17. WYT Four Tier Slim Storage Cart

    This is another practical option if you are looking to save space and money at the same time.

    Our favorite things about this storage cart are the hooks on the side and the fact that we can break it down into a countertop version.

    The bottom has a mesh design for drainage, so feel free to use it in wet spaces. And do you want it on wheels? Without wheels? It’s all up to you. This cart can go both ways!


    • Can be broken down into a countertop version
    • Side hooks
    • Drainage holes in the bottom for damp items
    • Removable wheels.


    • Functional aesthetic

    18. Novogratz Helix 3 Gold Metal Utility Cart

    OK, it’s not up to us, but if it were, we’d tell you to use this Novogratz Helix 3 Gold Metal Utility Cart in your living room because it deserves to be admired!

    Do you need a place to set plants? How about a tiny library for your tiny house? What if you turned it into an old-fashioned bar cart?

    The beauty of carts is how easy they are to repurpose, so rest assured that your cart can keep up with your ever-evolving life.

    We are a wee bit obsessed with this gold version, but if we can make one tiny complaint, it would be this: the company should not have made the bolts silver.

    That’s OK, though. We’ll get over it. This is still the cart that brings our tiny-house-Great-Gatsby dreams to life!


    • Striking aesthetic 
    • Affordable
    • Easy to assemble


    • Smaller than you think
    • Bolts are silver

    Tiny House Furniture Buying Guide

    Are you still with us? Excellent, because now that you know what tiny house furniture options are out there, it’s time to do some evaluation to decide which pieces are right for you.

    We started with couches because we know from experience that that’s where we spend about 90% of our time in our tiny homes. We wish you a tiny house couch that’s comfortable and functional, and we know you’ll enjoy the ones on this list.

    When choosing a couch, we recommend you decide based on comfort and the secondary function you’d like your couch to serve. For example, if you have a family of four or a ton of winter clothes, you might appreciate a small couch with storage, but if you like to entertain, it might be best to have a sleeper sofa for guests to spend the night.

    Sound good? Awesome. Now, on to storage ottomans and coffee tables!

    The line between storage ottomans and coffee tables is blurred because the two are somewhat interchangeable. If you are new to living in a tiny house, it might seem weird to have a footstool/coffee table/dining room table/storage cube/day bed/desk in one, but that functionality is what allows for simple living.

    But you can only fit so much in your tiny living room, so if you are deciding between the two, we recommend looking at your choices through the lens of mealtimes and how you move about your home.

    If you are used to eating on your couch, for instance, it might not be a stretch to transition from using a coffee table to setting your plate on a firm storage ottoman. But if you prefer more formal dining, a coffee table could be a better bet. Well, depending on how you move about your home!

    Do kids, pets, yourself, or your spouse like to do yoga, stretch, lounge, or leap about? If you engage in frequent, dynamic movement, it might behoove you to go with a soft storage ottoman over a hard-topped coffee table. On the other hand, if you’re someone who only walks or sits in living areas, the choice is yours!

    It would be pretty bold of us to say that everyone living in a tiny house needs a cart. But here at TinyLivingLife.Com, we tell it like it is. So do yourself a favor and get the cart! There are many great choices on our list, so just decide whether you want your cart to be a statement piece or a functional one, and go from there.

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing tiny house furniture is a big deal because, as a tiny home owner, you will be living extremely close to your things. Don’t let it overwhelm you, though. 

    If you become unsure of your choices at any point, just go back to the markers of the tiny house lifestyle: craftsmanship, design, utility, and joy.

    They won’t steer you wrong. (And neither would we.)

    Do you have a favorite item on our list? Leave a comment to tell us which furniture options you’ll include in your tiny house!



    Alaska is a writer and tiny home dweller from the great state of Colorado! She believes in value-based living and in the power of tiny house magic.
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