120 Cool RV Accessories

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The world has been a lot in the last few years, but I am so inspired by how many people are taking life back into their own hands. Living the RV life is one of the best ways to enjoy an empowered future, and I’m here today to give you some cool RV accessories to go with it!

I live in an RVIA-certified tiny home on wheels, and since my house is classified as a recreational vehicle, I have many of the same considerations that traditional RVers do. I’ve also lived in an RV park and transported my tiny home across the country, so read on to find the 120 cool RV accessories I couldn’t live without!

RV Utilities & Set Up Accessories

The mobile lifestyle is great, but only if you have a solid setup! Moving around comes with challenges, so you’ll want reliable systems for handling basic needs like power, water, sewer, and physical safety.

I am the kind of person who likes to buy things right, buy things once, and shop with a bit of future-proofing in mind. Some of these items might seem a little overkill for your immediate needs, but that’s for the best because a mobile life means dealing with unpredictability. 

And while unpredictability is sometimes part of the fun, it’s never fun when it impairs your ability to care for your basic needs.

So anyway, here are my favorite RV accessories to get you up and running!

1. Best RV Drinking Water Hose: Camco TastePURE RV Drinking Water Hose – 50 Foot

This Camco TastePURE RV Hose is the one I use, and I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. It’s designed for potable water and has held up well even though I live at 5,000 feet in elevation. (Translation: this hose gets scorched in the summer and buried in snow in the winter.)

It comes in many lengths, but I took the liberty of selecting the 50’ version for you because the water tap will not always be located near your water inlet.


  • Durable
  • Comes in varying lengths
  • White color brings a feeling of luxury to your RV lifestyle


  • If rubber washers aren’t used correctly, hose will leak and appear broken

2. Camco 50 Amp Extension Cord – 30 Foot

I have never once had a problem using this Camco 50 amp extension cord to power my RV tiny house. It’s a seriously heavy cord, but if you plan to run on 50 amps, that’s what you want.

This cord is the 30’ version, but if that feels too long, just remember that not all parking spaces have outlets in places that make sense. So it’s best to be prepared!


  • Extremely durable 


  • Heavy

3. Camco 30 Amp Extension Cord – 50 Foot

Running 30 amps instead? This cord offers the same durability and performance as the Camco 50 Amp just in a 30 amp form.


  • Extremely durable 


  • Hefty

4. Best 50 Amp RV Surge Protector: CARMTEK Portable 50 Amp Surge Protector

Do you know what’s expensive? Frying your electrical system. Presumably, you decided to buy an RV so you could live the good life, and if that’s the case, you’ll want to be protected against a surge.

This portable 50 amp surge protector has great reviews that mention both ease of installation and use. 

The few critiques are that the LED indicator lights are dim, and not everyone is a fan of the waterproof casing because it doesn’t close securely with bigger plugs.


  • Dependable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • LED indicator lights are dim
  • Waterproof casing won’t close over large plugs

5. Best 30 Amp RV Surge Protector: CircleCord Portable 30 Amp Surge Protector

The CircleCord surge protector took our top spot for a 30 amp surge protector. It’s a solid product with good reviews that’s easy to setup and take down in seconds.

It has virtually identical pros and cons to the Carmtek above, namely that the it’s easy to use, reliable, and durable but that the waterproof cover doesn’t fit as well over larger plugs.


  • Dependable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • LED indicator lights are dim
  • Waterproof casing won’t close over large plugs 

5. Best RV Power Adaptor Cord: 50 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adaptor Cord

It will only take a few weeks of traveling in your RV to learn that not every RV park or RV community has 50 amp spaces available.

That’s why if you have a 50 amp rig, it’s a good idea to keep an adaptor cord on hand. After all, 30 amp power is more common!


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use
  • Design equalizes stress on all components


  • Top critical review mentions that this product won’t assist in getting power to a Tesla without additional components

7. Best RV Sewer Hose Kit: Camco RhinoEXTREME RV Sewer Hose Kit

This Rhino EXTREME RV Sewer Hose Kit is the one that I own. Why did I get the extreme version? Because we’re talking about sewer. Let’s not take any chances.

The Campco Rhino sewer hose is well-known in the industry for its solid construction and reliability. Still, people occasionally report leaks (usually at the elbow), so keep a close eye on things after you first hook up to a new space. 

This sewer hose comes in varying lengths, but like with water and electrical components, you want to ensure you have the length to accommodate whatever parking space comes your way.


  • Durable
  • Great reviews
  • Long standing reputation 
  • Straightforward to install


  • Stiffer to collapse
  • A few reports of leakage

8. Best RV Sewer Hose Support: Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support

If you are new to traveling with an RV, a sewer hose support is non-negotiable. Why? Because you need your sewer to drain, and this handy device will ensure that your hose is always lying at an angle.

This is the one I use for my tiny house RV, and my complaints about the product are exactly zero. Except for the spiders. See below.


  • Easy to use
  • Dependable
  • Long standing reputation


  • Spiders like to build webs in the plastic cutouts, though I can’t really blame Camco for that, just something to watch out for

9. Best Portable RV Waste Holding Tank: Camco Rhino Portable RV Waste Holding Tank With Hose & Accessories

The tiny living community is pretty tight-knit, so we share all our secrets. That’s why when you see everyone using the same thing, you know it’s got to be good. 

Once again, Camco offers the RV community a gold-standard product with this Rhino Portable RV Waste Holding Tank. It’s super durable, dependable, and easy to empty.

Top critical reviews mention you need to double-check the clearance under your RV. If you have less than 14” of space, you won’t have enough room to use this product without digging a hole or raising your rig.


  • Durable
  • Easy to empty


  • Requires at least 14” of clearance 

10. Best RV Water Pressure Regulator: RVAQUA Water Pressure Regulator

You don’t want to damage your RV plumbing system, so a water pressure regulator is important.

This one by RVAQUA is pretty good- at least as a regulator. The reviews indicate that overall, people are happy with how it regulates water pressure, but there are some issues with the gauge indicating pressure, even when it’s not hooked up. This is especially true if the unit is exposed to freezing temps.


  • A solid regulator


  • An OK-ish gauge

11. Best RV Propane Tank Guage: Flame King Propane Tank Level Gauge and Leak Indicator

No products found.

There is nothing more terrible than running out of propane mid-shower late at night.

Hopefully, you have a backup tank, but either way, a propane gauge will warn you of impending doom.

This Flame King version is not a precision tool, but it offers a good general indication of your levels. Mine worked well until I left it out in the rain for a year. If you don’t do that, you should be fine.


  • Straightforward
  • Compatible with up to 40lbs tanks
  • Easy installation


  • Not for precision measurement
  • Exposure to weather will shorten product lifespan

12. Best RV Leveling Blocks: Tri-Lynx Levelers RV Leveling Blocks 

If you don’t want to roll out of bed while sleeping, you’ll want some RV leveling blocks. 

The Tri-Lynx RV Leveling Blocks are stackable, come with a bag for easy transport, and are too bright to forget when you hit the road again.

More than 17k people have weighed in and, together, have given these leveling blocks a five-star rating. That said, there are semi-regular reports of brittle blocks or sets.

Pro tip: use with block caps.


  • Easy to use
  • Includes bag for transport
  • Brightly colored
  • 5 stars on Amazon after more than 17k reviews 


  • Regular reports of brittle blocks or brittle sets

13. Best RV Leveling Pad Caps: Tri-Lynx Lynx Cap – 4 Pack

The best RV accessory to go with your leveling blocks is leveling caps. They offer a way to put a flat surface on the top of the interlocking leveling blocks and give your RV a better surface to sit on.

These are designed to work with the Tri-Lynx Levelrs and give you a firmer contact with the blocks.


  • Easy to use
  • Includes bag for transport
  • Brightly colored


  • Don’t hold up well if you accidentally drive over them

14. Best RV Wheel Stabilizers: X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers

RV newbies should be advised that RVs will bounce and rock unless stability measures are taken. 

And let me tell you, stability = luxury. It also equals safety because the last thing you want is for your RV to take off when you disconnect it from the truck.

The upsides are that this product is easy to use and is raved about in reviews. The downside is that it prevents forward and back motion better than side-to-side.


  • Easy to use
  • 5 stars on Amazon after more than 16k reviews 


  • Won’t eliminate side-to-side motion

15. Best RV Jack Pads: SnapPad Xtra Leveling Jack Pads

If you want to add even more stability to your RV, consider these SnapPad Xtra Leveling Jack Pads.

These jack pads are intended for permanent installation, so these things do not come off. On an incline, I’d use them in conjunction with another stabilizing tool like the X-Chocks listed above. They work well and have rave reviews.

Pro tip: use dish soap as lubrication when installing


  • Easy-ish to install
  • Actually permanent
  • Eliminate the headaches associated with cinder blocks
  • Made in the USA with recycled tires


  • Tricky to install if jacks are damaged
  • Not to be trusted on significant inclines as a solo product

16. Best RV 5th-Wheel Stabilizer Tripod: Camco Eaz-Lift 5th Wheel King Pin Tripod Stabilizer 

OK, I know I’m putting a lot of stabilizing options on this list, but that’s because stability is that important. 

One review mentioned that installation could be difficult for people with mobility issues, but the general consensus is that this one’s a winner.


  • Easy to install for able-bodied people
  • Great value for the price


  • Could be tricky to install for those with mobility issues

17. Best RV Tire Covers: Explore Land Tire Covers – 4 Pack

I’m about to share some wisdom so you don’t make the same five-hundred-dollar mistake I did. Are you ready?

Protect your RV tires.

The Explore Land Tire Covers are awesome because they’re made of durable material and don’t have hooks in the back that require you to crawl underneath your rig.

You’ll want to double-check to ensure you get the right size, but if you do, these things will stay put- even in significant wind storms!

Tires are expensive, so take care of yours, OK?


  • Made of durable material
  • No hooks involved
  • Can withstand harsh weather
  • Easy to install


  • The correct fit will take some maneuvering to put on

RV Tools & Functional Equipment

One of the most rewarding parts of the RV lifestyle is the self-sufficiency it teaches. If you want to be around people who know how to take things apart and put them back together, just hang out with the RV community. Your skills will be sharpened in no time!

Self-sufficiency requires more than just knowledge. It also requires the right tools and equipment to get the job done right.

Since space is always a consideration with regard to RVs, I made an effort to choose products that serve multiple functions. I also chose durable products, as life on the road can be hard on the things we own.

Finally, I considered movement because you’ll need to be able to secure items during travel. I have a sauna (i.e., a glass box!) in my tiny house RV, so I know a thing or two about products made for movement!

Here are the tools and functional RV accessories I know and love.

18. Best RV Tool Kit: FASTPRO Tool Set With 20V Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill Driver

Yeah, baby! I’ve been waiting to tell you about this one!

This FASTPRO tool set was gifted to me a while back, and I can’t get enough. I use tools all the time, and I am happy to report that this is a solid set with good variety.

As a woman, nothing makes me madder than being handed a craft drill. Fortunately, this 20V cordless drill driver has weight to it and power to match. 

If you’re renovating a house, you’ll need a few more tools, but if you’re looking for the best tool set for your RV, this is it.

The set comes in green and pink!


  • Ever-so-slightly smaller, and lighter weight tools
  • Brightly colored- no one will take your tools!
  • Solid drill 
  • Great variety for most home projects


  • Insufficient options for major building projects

19. Best Mini-RV Tool Kit: Kikkerland Hammer Multi-Tool

If my tiny house RV was a desert island situation and I could only have one tool, I would pick this Hammer Multi-Tool, no question.

It’s not the heftiest hammer out there, but it will do 97% of what you need in an RV. I’ve used it to repair everything from a washing machine to sunglasses.

My one critique is that using the hammer or bigger screwdrivers will loosen the smaller screwdrivers, and they will eventually fall out, so just be careful.


  • Extremely useful
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Great for tackling daily living


  • Using the hammer and bigger screwdrivers loosens the smaller screwdrivers
  • Not hefty enough for home renovation 

20. Dremel 3000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

Can I have two tools on the desert island? Because if I can, this Dremel 3000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit is my other RV must-have.

This thing will change your life, thanks to the magnitude of micro-problems it can solve. So whether you need to trim your dog’s nails, sand down a sharp piece of metal, or cut through a PVC pipe, this is the tool for an RV adventure.


  • Extensive 25-piece kit for polishing, sanding, cutting, grinding, drilling and engraving
  • Powerful
  • Endless uses


  • The collet nut, chuck, and attachment parts are small. It can be delicate work tightening them, and sometimes tricky to disassemble.

21. Energizer LED Headlamp PRO – 2 Pack

If you travel in an RV, at some point, you will have to go outside to inspect something in the dead of night.

This Energizer LED Headlamp will allow you to stay safe and see what you’re doing as you change out a propane tank, investigate what sounded like a raccoon, or finish a late-night project.

Users love it because the light is bright, there are seven modes, and it’s comfortable to wear.

In the reviews, you’ll find a few complaints, but nothing consistent.


  • Super bright light illuminates over 250 feet ahead
  • Modes include: red, high, low, spot high, spot low, wide high, and wide low
  • Headlamp has Smart Dimming technology
  • Light will last 33 hours when run on ‘low’ mode
  • Product comes in a two-pack, so you’ll get help looking into that raccoon


  • Still trying to find one

22. Best Corded RV Stick Vacuum: Shark HV322 Rocket Pet Plus Corded Stick Vacuum

There is a reason this section of the list is so long, and it’s because it includes all my favorite things!

If you live in an RV, you need (need!) this Shark Rocket Pet Plus Vacuum.

Pet hair, dust, and dirt can quickly get out of control in small spaces, and I love that this vacuum is powerful enough to tackle it all. It’s also lightweight, comes with a ton of attachments, and I can tell you from experience that their customer service is on point! 

The downside: it’s corded. Once I was making tea while vacuuming and accidentally lit the cord on fire. On the plus side, this incident is how I know they have excellent customer service.


  • Extremely powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • No bags involved
  • Many useful attachments
  • Durable
  • Well-worth the money
  • Excellent customer service


  • Has a cord

23. Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System

I can’t imagine getting rid of my Shark Rocket, but in researching this article, I discovered central vacuum systems. Now I want one of those too!

This Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System is perfect for an RV because you can whip it around your rig to get the chores done fast.

Users report that it has powerful suction and is easy to use. 

One note, though, the central unit has a cord and gets hot when you vacuum. So install it near an outlet, and make sure the storage area can breathe during cleaning.


  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to use
  • Extendable arm
  • Comes with a few attachments


  • Requires bags
  • Central unit gets hot when in use
  • Requires a bit of installation

24. Best RV Air Purifier: Instant HEPA Quiet Air Purifier

This HEPA filter captures 99.90% of mold, smoke, pollen, dust, and other ultrafine impurities. And it filters up to 630 square feet of space in just an hour.

I love that this filter has an auto mode that kicks the fan up a notch when it detects impurities. I also love that it’s quiet, energy star certified, and can last twelve months without a filter change.

Please note that you must remove the plastic lining inside this device before use.


  • Powerful
  • Right-sized for an RV
  • Plasma Ion Technology projects positive and negative ions into the air
  • Quiet
  • Long lasting filter


  • It’s bigger than it looks in the pictures
  • Not available for sale in Indiana

25. Best RV Washing Brush: Camco RV/Car Flow-Through Wash Brush

If you are traveling the country in an RV, you’ll want to make a good impression at the RV parks and campgrounds you visit. 

To show up with your rig looking sparkly, just use this Camco Flow-Through Wash Brush. It’s definitely the best way to clean an RV.

I wish the water didn’t come through in a single stream and that an inline injector didn’t have to be purchased separately to add soap, but it’s lightweight and works well.


  • Lightweight
  • Effective


  • Doesn’t include inline injector for soap

26. Best RV Holding Tank Treatment: Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

When it comes to RV black water tanks, I don’t want to risk something going wrong. Ever. 

If you’d like your RV waste disposal systems to run smoothly, you might want to consider this Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment by Unique RV. 

The chemicals break down waste and toilet paper to prevent or fix clogs, and neutralize odors. 

Of course, the occasional person doesn’t like it, but nearly 7k people on Amazon have rated it just shy of five stars.


  • Can be used in both gray and black tanks
  • Neutralizes rather than masks odors
  • Complies with all state dumping laws


  • It won’t solve every black tank problem out there

27. VELCRO One-Wrap Cable Ties

Organization makes RV camping great. That’s why if you plan to live on the road, you’ll want to grab a bag of these VELCRO One-Wrap Cable Ties.

They are mainly intended for keeping cords from getting tangled, but once you have a pack, you’ll start using them for everything.

They can be used indoors or outdoors, but remember that they are intended for light-duty tasks.


  • Extremely versatile
  • For indoor or outdoor use


  • Only intended for light-duty tasks

28. Super Stretch Wrap-It Storage Straps – Assorted 12 Pack

If you want something similar to the VELCRO One-Wrap ties, but need a little more heft, check out these Super Stretch Wrap-It Storage Straps.

These straps are designed for heavier-duty tasks and come in a convenient pack of assorted sizes.

The good news: they are very effective and easy to use.

The bad news: they claim to be for indoor/outdoor use, but some users question the outdoor claim.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in assorted sizes


  • Not sure about that indoor/outdoor use claim

29. Simple Deluxe Multi-Size Zip Tie Pack – 200 Piece Set

I can’t tell you how you will use these, but I can tell you that you will require them if you plan to travel in an RV.

Since RVs are designed for movement, you’ll want plenty of tools to help household items stay in place during travel. And trust me, there is no better tool than the trusty zip tie. 

I like that this pack comes in two colors and various sizes, but I wish it included a few that were longer than 12”.


  • Comes in black and white
  • Comes in 6, 8, and 12-inch lengths
  • Provides a secure hold


  • Tie must be cut to remove it
  • Longest tie in the set is only 12”

30. Rescue Tape Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

This Rescue tape is another one of my RV lifestyle must-haves. It’s just another tool in the toolbox with a multitude of uses.

Personally, I’ve used it to fix leaks, tie cables together, protect things from the elements, and more.

But while it will work on many things, Rescue tape won’t work on everything. You aren’t going to fix a leaking hose with this stuff, and I can’t recommend it as a Band-Aid substitute.


  • Extremely versatile 
  • Unique adhesion method that doesn’t use glues
  • Strong


  • Won’t solve every problem
  • Can get pricey if you intend to use a lot of it

31. Command Strips Kit – Various Sizes

Command Strips are great because they help you take advantage of vertical space. They also keep things from slipping around, unlike other types of mounting hardware.

They aren’t supposed to leave a residue, but, uh, sometimes they do. Especially if your Command Strip has been exposed to sunlight.

Still, these things are unbelievably handy, and your RV lifestyle won’t be complete without them. 


  • Extremely versatile 
  • Kit includes various sizes and application styles


  • The strips will leave a sticky residue if left on too long or exposed to sun

RV Safety Accessories

If you want to buy an RV, you’ll want to keep safety at the core of your plans. Living in an RV comes with considerations you wouldn’t have in a traditional home. Like, for instance, sometimes RVs get stolen.

On this list, you will find items to protect your things and your peace of mind. You will also find fire and medical safety supplies, which we hope you buy whether you live in an RV or not.

And without further ado, here are the best RV safety accessories! 

32. Motion Sensor Light Strips With Rechargeable Battery – 3 Pack

These motion sensor light strips can be set for ‘day’ or ‘night’ mode. And it’s possible to turn them on and off manually.

I use them to safely climb down from my loft in the dark, but they’d also make great closet lights!

There are many uses for these lights, but if you are looking for extended illumination or plan to use them in a busy family setting, there is a better product for you.


  • Versatile 
  • No wiring required
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Battery will drain fast when on motion sensor mode in busy family settings

33. Master Lock Key Lock Box

This Master Lock Key Lock Box will allow you to hide multiple keys in a combination-code-protected box.

If you work for the CIA, there is something more secure out there, but for the money, it’s a solid bet that will deter most thieves looking for an easy break-in. 

Some users report that fitting five keys is tricky, but those users also tried to fit keys with rings.


  • Easy to use
  • Fits multiple keys (five, according to Amazon)
  • Combination can be easily reset


  • Won’t protect against a determined thief

34. Master Lock Outdoor Combination Lock

Hopefully, everyone you meet in the RV community is an honest soul. But even if you stay in an RV park filled with good people, it can still give you peace of mind to lock certain things.

This Master Lock is a heavy-duty option that would be tough to break but be forewarned that this ‘outdoor’ lock is only weather resistant to a point. 


  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to use
  • Numbers automatically roll back to zero for privacy, and clicks allow you to unlock it (from zeros) in the dark


  • Doesn’t function well in harsh winters
  • Roll-back-to-zero feature can be confusing for those who don’t know how to use it

35. Rhino USA Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock Kit

There are many anti-theft devices for RVs on the market, but this Rhino USA Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock Kit is an excellent place to start.

All four keys are keyed alike- or at least they are supposed to be. However, occasional reviews insist that this doesn’t always happen.


  • Users report it’s a heavy duty product
  • All keys are keyed alike


  • Some reports of keyes not being keyed alike

36. Best RV GPS Tracker: Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

This Invoxia Cellular GPS tracker provides a sneaky way to follow your RV should it fall into the wrong hands.

The link in this article includes a two-year subscription, but after that, you’ll have to pay for one. 

Be forewarned that the subscription price increases dramatically the faster you want your GPS updates. Five-second updates, for example, will cost much more than receiving updates every thirty seconds.


  • Provides protection thieves won’t be aware of
  • Includes a 2-year subscription 
  • 4G LTE + satellite tracking


  • Company website says they can’t promise quoted battery life anymore
  • Monthly subscription could be as expensive as $50 per month

37. Best RV Fire Extinguisher: Amerex B417 

Even small fires are a big emergency. Especially when dealing with a limited space like an RV!

The Amerex B417 will keep your family of RVers safe while you build memories on the road. It can also be recharged for reuse.

You can find out more about RV and tiny home fire extinguishers by reading our full review here.


  • Rechargeable
  • Small
  • Easy to use


  • Not always easy to find a professional to recharge
  • Recharging a fire extinguisher can sometimes be more expensive than buying a new one

38. Best RV First Aid Kid: First Aid Only 57-Piece First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. Especially when you surround yourself with fly fishing gear, campfires, and pointy marshmallow sticks. That’s why it’s essential to have a quality first aid kit on hand.

The First Aid Only 57-piece first aid kit is well stocked with bandages, wipes, antibiotic packets, and other accessories.

It isn’t a substitute for an emergency room visit, but it’s a good thing to have on hand for minor bumps and bruises.


  • Good variety of supplies


  • Tweezers and scissors are less than impressive

RV Storage & Small-Space Organization

Living in an RV is fun, but it’s crucial to stay organized when you reside in a small space.

The RV accessories on this list offer space optimization, organization, and options that can be used throughout your RV. There are even a couple of things to help keep your brain stay organized!

In making this list, I prioritized vertical storage and versions of household items that were collapsible or stackable. I also checked reviews for durability for anything I don’t use myself.

Are you ready to see what made the list of the best RV storage and organization accessories?

39. Madesmart Interlocking Customizable Bin Pack

Whether you live in an RV, a tiny house, or a van conversion, these Madesmart Interlocking Bins will =keep the bits and pieces of your life organized.

This customizable pack comes with eight pieces that can be configured in any way that makes sense for you. Users love the flexibility and durability but report that the bins sometimes come apart. 

The good news? The fact that they come apart means that the plastic hinges won’t break off.


  • Highly customizable
  • Can combine bins
  • Durable


  • Bins sometimes come apart

40. Plastic Storage Baskets – 8-Pack

The Madesmart bins above are great for super small items, but this set of plastic storage baskets will come in handy for bigger items when you need to organize your RV.

This is an eight-pack, and users report being very pleased with the results.

Pro tip: line one of these with a compostable bag and keep it in your freezer for food scraps. It will make the trash less gross and keep your RV smelling fresh!


  • Extremely versatile
  • Durable
  • Nice charcoal color


  • No common complaints in reviews

41. Smart Design Store 3-Tier Can Rack Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

When you travel in your RV, you are bound to visit some pretty cool places. Unfortunately, they may be far from a grocery store!

If you like to stock up before camping trips, the Smart Design Store 3-Tier Can Rack Organizer can help keep your pantry in great shape. 

I love the adjustable shelves, but I wish it was slightly sturdier.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable shelves


  • Could be sturdier

42. Best RV Collapsible Food Storage Containers: Guyuyii Collapsible Food Storage Containers

Whether you are a solo traveler cooking for one or traveling in an RV with a family, you will have leftovers at some point.

Users love these collapsible food storage containers because they are microwave safe, BPA-free, provide a tight seal, and can be put in the dishwasher.

The most common complaint: they are smaller than they look in the pictures.


  • Beautiful aqua color
  • Tight seal
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Collapsible
  • BPA-free


  • Smaller than they look

43. Yamazaki Magnetic Basket Organizer

Just because you buy an RV and hit the road doesn’t mean you won’t have mail or paperwork to organize.

Fortunately, this Yamazaki Magnetic Basket Organizer is here to help.

It says it’s magnetic, but be aware that it is made of plastic. The magnets are on the back and are rated to hold 4.4 lbs.


  • Clean lines
  • Magnetic
  • Holds 4.4 lbs


  • Made of plastic

44. Yamazaki Magnetic Key Rack With Tray

If you own an RV, you know as well as I do that it’s essential to have a drop station near the door.

This Yamazaki Magnetic Key Rack With Tray will serve as a place to put keys, sunglasses, dog leashes, and other small items.

I love the powder-coated steel and the magnetic strip on the back, but if you plan to push the 4.4 lbs weight limit, use the included screws to mount this rack.


  • 2 mounting styles (magnets and screws)


  • Magnetic adhesive won’t hold up if you push the 4.4 lbs weight limit

45. Yamazaki Wall Accessory Rack

Even if you’re living the RV life, you may occasionally want to get dressed up.

That’s where this Yamazaki Wall Accessory Rack will come in handy. It’s the perfect place to keep your jewelry and other (very) lightweight accessories organized. 

This piece is mounted with screws, and each side of the bar holds 1.1 lbs.


  • Clean lines
  • Screw mounted


  • Doesn’t hold much weight

46. Everyday Home Mobile Stackable Shelving Unit Organizer

I own this Mobile Stackable Shelving Unit Organizer, and I love it. 

It’s a super slim 4.75” wide, making it the perfect piece to slip next to a washing machine, toilet, or really anywhere.

It’s too lightweight to stand alone in the middle of a room, but the fact that you can add or subtract tiers like legos more than makes up for it!


  • Customizable, stackable tiers
  • Super slim
  • Drainage holes for wet or damp items 


  • Too lightweight to stand alone

47. Otto & Ben Stockbox Ottoman With Storage Drawer

This Otto & Ben Stockbox Ottoman is the best piece of furniture for an RV out there.

One minute it’s a footstool, and the next, it’s a coffee table. And however you’re using it, it’s doing double duty as a storage option! 

Pro tip: buy two.


  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Versatile 


  • Fabric could be higher-end looking

48. Amazon Basics Magnetic Whiteboard & Corkboard Combo

To organize an RV, you’ll need to organize your mind first.

This Amazon Basics Magnetic Whiteboard & Corkboard Combo will help you do just that.

One note of caution, though, the provided adhesive sticky pads aren’t super strong, so it might be a good idea to reinforce them with an additional product.


  • Dual whiteboard and corkboard surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Includes marker, magnet, and pins


  • Adhesive sticky pads aren’t super strong

49. Clever Fox Bucket List Journal

They say your mind is half the battle, which is why I recommend this Clever Fox Bucket List Journal to help keep your RV goals aligned with your actions.

It comes in many colors, and users report that they love it!

One critique: the print is on the smaller side, so if eyesight is a concern, there could be a better option.


  • Premium paper
  • Inner pocket
  • Includes stickers and bookmarks
  • Thought provoking lists, suggestions, and exercises


  • Print is on the smaller side

RV Accessories for Outdoor Living

If you plan to buy an RV, you’ll want to make the most of all this lifestyle has to offer. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best RV accessories for outdoor living.

Some of these items address practical concerns, but many are just for fun, so your RV family can make the memories of a lifetime.

With this list, durability and reliability were my primary concerns. I can’t stand throwing away cheaply-made items after one use, so I wanted to recommend RV accessories that would last for the long haul.

Are you ready to hear about my favorite RV accessories for outdoor living?

50. Lifetime Height-Adjustable Folding Utility Table

Once you get situated in your RV parking spot, it will be time to set up camp.

This folding utility table has endless uses, from serving as a burger-making station to helping you set up a small business on the road.

I own one of these tables, and I love it. It only weighs twenty pounds and comes with a handle, so it’s very portable.

The table top is also super durable, but I wish the legs were a little easier to extend. I also wish it was a bit sturdier when the legs were fully extended.

Overall, I’d definitely buy it again in a second!


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Portable handle and folding design
  • Extendable lodges


  • Legs can be tricky to extend
  • Legs aren’t super sturdy when fully extended

51. GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camp Table

There is a time and a place for a big, sturdy table, but if you’re looking for something you can whip out at your RV campsite, it’s this GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camp Table.

Its aluminum legs make it only four pounds and it comes in two sizes: 20” and 25”.

The main downside is that there isn’t a locking pin to secure the tabletop. So be careful when you pick it up because it can fold in on itself. 


  • Super lightweight (4 lbs)
  • 2 sizes – 20” and 25”


  • No pin to keep table top from folding in on itself when moved

52. Elite Screens Yardmaster 2 Indoor/Outdoor Projector & Screen Kit

Outdoor movies are why you got into RV life, aren’t they?

If you want to have evenings at the campsite that your RV family will remember forever, this Elite Screens Yardmaster 2 Projector & Screen Kit will help make it happen.

The screen is industrial quality, but be forewarned that you will still need to treat it carefully. Screen shrinkage and wrinkles have been reported if not stored properly.


  • Great visuals
  • Easy to assemble
  • Industrial-grade screen
  • Carrying bag


  • Screen can shrink or get wrinkles if not stored properly

53. Carefree Drop RV Awning – 13’ x 9’

This Carefree Drop RV Awning is one of the best ways to stay cool so you can enjoy your RV campsite.

It comes in fourteen sizes and is easy to install.

Please note that this product is not an awning. It’s the drop piece that blocks the sun. 


  • Easy to install
  • Fits most brands of awnings
  • 5-year warranty


  • Won’t fit box style awnings
  • Doesn’t come with stakes or a carrying bag

54. ZOUTOG Battery String Lights – 33 Foot Strand

These ZOUTOG Battery String Lights are the perfect thing to turn your RV into the ultimate romantic weekend getaway.

The strand is 33’ long and can be used indoors or outdoors.

They produce a warm white light, so think ambiance rather than brightness.

Pro tip: use the timer function to preserve battery life.


  • Long strand (33’)
  • Remote control
  • Timer feature


  • Not super bright
  • Battery life isn’t too impressive if you don’t use the timer

55. ROLiGHTiC RV Awning Lights – 32.8 Foot Strand

These awning lights by ROLiGHTiC can be set to any color, are nearly 33’ in length, and will help you find your way back to your campsite when traveling.

They are intended for outdoor use, but some users report issues with the lights becoming waterlogged. There are also a few reports of light strips arriving broken.

Still, even if it’s not quite five stars, I’d say this product is fabulous enough to be worth the risk!


  • Lights can be changed to be any color
  • Remote control included
  • Long strand (32.8’)


  • Some reports of lights becoming waterlogged
  • Some reports of light strips arriving broken

56. Amazon Basics Outdoor Cornhole Set

Once you’ve arrived at the RV park and set up camp, let the games begin!

This Amazon Basics Outdoor Cornhole Set is always a winner.

Please note that this board is designed for portability. This means that it is not regulation size. It’s 2’ x 3’ instead of 2’ x 4’. That being said, it does come with a carrying bag.


  • Smaller than regulation size
  • Portable, comes with carrying bag


  • ‘Outdoor’ claim should be taken with a grain of salt. Enjoy it outdoors, don’t leave it outdoors

57. Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table

This Coleman Camp Chair With Side Table will take your RV camping trip to the next level.

I love camping chairs that are sturdy (this one is rated for 225 lbs!) and that have flip-up tables. This one even has a cup holder.

You’ll want to note that this chair doesn’t come with a carrying bag, and that a few people have found it difficult to fold.


  • Rated for 225 lbs
  • Flip-up table
  • Cup holder


  • Carrying bag not included
  • Some users report difficulty folding

58. Gigco21 Collapsible Outdoor Trash & Recycling Bins 

You’ll want to practice the ‘leave no trace’ policy when living an RV lifestyle. And that’s where this set of Collapsible Outdoor Trash and Recylcling bins by Gigco21 comes in handy.

They are clearly labeled to prevent confusion and fold up with easy-carry handles when not in use.

Users swear raccoons can’t get into them, but the cans can be dragged off, so zipping them closed won’t be enough to secure your trash.

They are each 33 gallons.


  • Clearly labeled
  • Fold up when not in use
  • Easy-carry handles


  • Some reports of cans not being supportive enough
  • Wild animal resistant, but not wild animal proof

59. Oceas Sherpa Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

Whether your RV adventures take you to the mountains or the sea, you’ll want a comfortable blanket to stay warm.

This Oceas Sherpa Waterproof Outdoor Blanket is actually waterproof. And it’s windproof too! 

The downside? It’s not as thick as you might think.


  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Not as think as you might think

60. Large Reversible Plastic Straw Water Resistant Outdoor Rug

If you plan to find an RV community and call your RV ‘home,’ you’ll want to go the extra mile with your gear.

This large (and reversible) outdoor rug will help brighten up your space and make the campground feel more like home.

Please note, however, that this rug is made of a plastic material. Also, despite the fact that it’s plastic, it is only water-resistant, not waterproof.


  • Large 9’ x 12’ size
  • Reversible
  • Water-resistant


  • Not waterproof

61. Stylish Camping Store LED Illuminated Outdoor Patio Mat – 18’ x 8’

This is another option if you’re looking for a large outdoor rug, but this one comes with lights!

This LED illuminated mat is a large 18’ x 8’ and is surrounded by soft white lights. 

Users report that the lights are bright enough to enjoy but not so bright that they bother the neighbors. 

Please note that this patio mat is made out of plastic. So it’s not a heavy-duty rug, but it is weather-resistant.


  • Large 18’ x 8’ size
  • Lights are bright enough to enjoy, but dim enough to not bother neighbors
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Not a heavy-duty rug

62. Coleman Outdoor Citronella Candle With Wooden Wick

Camping with an RV is great; camping with mosquitoes is not.

This Coleman Outdoor Citronella Candle With Wooden Wick is the perfect selection to keep bugs at bay so your family can enjoy the great outdoors. 

On the plus side, it smells great. The crackling of the wood wick adds a nice ambiance, and it works pretty well. If there was a negative side, it’s that sometimes campsites don’t allow open flames, so be sure to check ahead of time.


  • Smells great
  • Wood wick provides crackling ambiance
  • Works pretty well


  • Won’t prevent every mosquito bite
  • Not all campsites allow open flames

63. BL Charge 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You can stop the search because this JBL Charge 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the ultimate way to bring the tunes for your RV travels.

I love that it comes in every possible color and is waterproof. 

Users say it won’t compete with thousand-dollar systems, but it will win by a landslide at its price point. 

The twenty-hour battery life estimate is accurate, but make sure you have a power adaptor. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t come with one.


  • Comes in many colors
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent sound quality
  • 20-hour battery life
  • Can be controlled by 2 smart devices


  • Doesn’t come with power adaptor

RV Kitchen Gadgets

Whether you are a solo female traveler, a lifelong RVer, or are planning to buy an RV for a family and hit the road, you will need to eat.

This list of RV kitchen gadgets was carefully selected to account for the unpredictability and physical movement for which RV life is known.

Some of these things I own myself, and some of these RV kitchen supplies are things I’m drooling over.

I recommend you buy yourself the entire list, and if you feel like getting me a Christmas gift, I wear a size one-of-everything. Seriously, if I end up with repeats, I’ll be fine.

OK, are you ready to hear about the RV kitchen gadgets that will change your life forever?

64. Best RV Water Filter: Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Living in an RV can often mean sourcing water from old pipes or sketchy sources, and parasites and heavy metals can really put a damper on a good time.

If you want to stay healthy while on the road, I cannot recommend anything more highly than this Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter.

The Berkey’s superfine carbon composite filters remove 200+ contaminants, and the kit includes red food dye so you can test the efficacy for yourself.

If the canisters are too snug, it will create a pressure issue that will cause the Berkey to overflow, but you can fix this by pressing one of the canisters into a slightly oval shape.

Other downsides include the price. (But I promise it’s worth it!)


  • Mega filtration
  • Gravity fed
  • Each filter lasts 3,000 gallons
  • Up to four filters can be used at a time for faster filtration, or longer life
  • Website has a ton of information about testing, and testing limits


  • Expensive
  • Can be easy to forget to secure during transport

65. Qimh Collapsible Colander With Extendable Handles

Do you want to hear a weird factoid about living in an RV? Making pasta will be tricky if you don’t invest in a collapsible colander.

Colanders are useful tools, but those things are bulky!

I love this version by Qimh because it folds to be less than two inches in height when not in use.

It also comes in many colors and has handles that extend to fit your sink.

The one I own is a little tricky to clean because of the folds, but it’s worth it. Also, users of this brand report that the plastic’s thickness makes adjusting the handles somewhat difficult.


  • Collapses down to less than 2” in height
  • Comes in many colors
  • Handles extend to fit your sink


  • Might be a little big for tiny camper sinks
  • Thick plastic handles can be tricky to pull in and out
  • Just a touch harder to clean than a regular colander

66. Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve heard of a Hydro Flask. But if you don’t yet own one, what are you waiting for? These things were made for life in an RV!

These vacuum-insulated mugs come in every color of the rainbow and can be purchased in  6, 12, and 24-oz sizes.

These mugs are on the pricier side, but they will keep your drink hot (or cold!) for hours.


  • High-quality
  • Comes in many colors
  • 6, 12, and 24-oz sizes available
  • Leak-proof lid


  • A little pricey

67. Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler

Looking for something a little stronger than coffee? Check out the equally awesome Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler.

It provides the same benefits of insulation and durability as Hydro Flask’s Travel Mug, just for your precious, precious vino.


  • High-quality
  • Comes in many colors
  • Leak-proof lid


  • A little pricey

68. Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler With Straw

The RV lifestyle is so much more comfortable when there is temperature control. So that’s why I’m going to recommend a third option for keeping drinks at your desired temperature.

This Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler With Straw has been rated on Amazon by more than 57k people and was awarded five stars.

It comes in many colors (patterns and solids), there is a leak-proof lid, and there are five sizes to choose from. 

If there’s a downside, I haven’t found it.


  • High-quality
  • Raving reviews
  • Leak-proof lid
  • 16, 20, 24, 28, and 32-oz sizes available
  • Comes in many colors


  • I’m only hearing crickets here

69. Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar – 16 Inch

If you travel in an RV and like to think of yourself as a top chef, you’ll definitely need this RV must-have accessory.

This Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar is not only swanky, but it will help keep you safe while your RV is moving.

More than 34k people have reviewed it on Amazon and collectively awarded it five stars. It’s made of beautiful stainless steel, is 16” long, and has a super strong magnet.


  • Swanky appearance
  • Strong magnet
  • A long (16”) bar


  • Deep in the reviews, it says that someone once didn’t receive their mounting screws. So..

70. Best RV Silverware Organizer: Evriholder Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Organizer

This Evriholder Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Organizer is the one I have in my tiny house RV, and I love it.

The bamboo is 100% sustainably sourced, it’s lightweight, and it looks classy. This piece is also mildew-resistant.

You’ll want to ensure the dimensions (14.25” x 10.3” x 2”) work for your drawer, but other than that, you shouldn’t have any problems.


  • 100% sustainably-sourced bamboo
  • Lightweight
  • Mildew-resistant


  • If you’re not used to the weight of bamboo, it could be interpreted as flimsy. It’s not; you’re just not used to bamboo.

71. Camco Adjustable Refrigerator Bars to Prevent Spills 

Full disclosure, I just learned about refrigerator bars in researching this article, and I’m a wee bit obsessed.

This Camco version is a double-bar that will help keep heavier or taller items in place while your RV is moving.

Users report that the bars are easy to install and do an excellent job of staying put unless you are off-roading, that is. (But you’re not going to do that in an RV, right?)


  • Easy to install
  • Double and single-bar versions available
  • Spring-loaded for size adjustments, and twist feature to lock bar securely
  • They work better than you think they will


  • More support will be needed for intense terrain

72. OEMTOOLS Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

I own this OEMTOOLS Magnetic Paper Towel Holder, and I’m never letting it go.

The magnet element allows me to relocate the paper towels at my leisure, and because the magnets are strong, I never have to worry about them sliding around if the device gets jostled.  

Also, because this holder is two separate parts, I can push them apart to accommodate bigger rolls or push them together to create a tighter pinch, so I can rip off a sheet with one hand.

Trust me, you need one of these.


  • Magnet-mount allows for device relocation
  • Two-piece design allows for different roll sizes, and custom tension


  • I wish the side screws were black instead of silver
  • I wish there wasn’t a visible branding

73. Yamazaki Magnetic Kitchen Caddy

If you haven’t caught on by now, magnets are super helpful in designing an RV kitchen.

And since storage in an RV is everything, here is yet another option that will allow you to take advantage of vertical space.

This magnetic kitchen caddy by Yamazaki is a nice-looking way to keep spices nearby. 

One note of caution, though, the 4.38” width of the shelf will make you feel like you can set olive oils and other heavy things on it. Please don’t. This shelf is only rated for 3.3 lbs. It’s best for large shaker-style canisters of seasoning. 


  • Looks expensive
  • Magentic
  • Versatile


  • Looks like it can support more weight than it can

74. iDesign Gia Stainless Steel Sponge Holder

No one loves doing the dishes, but this iDesign Gia Stainless Steel Sponge Holder will make the task easier, so you can get back to the campsite fun.

The good news is that it will help keep your sponge dry and in place when your RV is traveling. The bad news is that the suction cups don’t always work well. Some users report that putting Vaseline on the suction cups can help!


  • Keeps sponge more sanitary
  • Keeps sponge in place during travel


  • Suction cups may need tending or replacement

75. ANECO 3 Gallon Compostable Bags – 100 Count

Earlier on this list, I recommended some plastic tote boxes. Those things make great freezer boxes to put food scraps in so your RV doesn’t smell. 

I recommend lining them with these 3-gallon compostable bags. If you have composting trash service available, you can put the whole frozen cube in there. 

And if you don’t, it will have to go in the trash, but at least you eliminated some plastic and kept your RV smelling fresh!


  • Eco-friendly 
  • Great for small trash cans
  • Great for DIY freezer boxes 


  • Pricier than some (but not all!) plastic trash bags
  • These things really are meant to biodegrade, so don’t leave wet things sitting in them for days or weeks on end

76. Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap 32 oz. – 2 Pack

RV life means you’ll be outside a lot. And if you are the type to occasionally do dishes or wash your dog outside, you’ll want a couple bottles of Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap on hand.

This stuff is biodegradable, unscented, and extremely gentle. I’ve used it as body wash, shave gel, hand soap, dish soap, pet soap, laundry soap, and to clean the house. 

The only things I don’t use it on are my hair and babies. When used on hair, it leaves a weird residue. And I don’t use it on babies because I don’t have any.


  • Biodegradable
  • Works way better than you think it will
  • Comes in many scents (this page links to unscented version)
  • Extremely versatile 
  • A great step toward low-toxin living


  • Leaves a residue when used as shampoo
  • Packaging has some pretty far out information on it. If you’re not a hippie at heart, it could freak you out. Don’t let it, though; it’s great soap.

77. Bodum 1548-01 Brazil French Press

With the power invested in me as a tiny dweller, I’m going to tell you why this Bodum Brazil French Press is the best coffee maker for RV life.

First of all, it requires no electricity. 

Second, you never have to buy coffee filters again.

Third, it’s visually satisfying.

OK, let me cut to the chase. This particular version of the Bodum is also easy to clean, hard to break, and only costs twenty dollars.

RV life just got even better, didn’t it?


  • High-quality
  • Requires no electricity
  • Requires no filters
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard to break
  • Inexpensive


  • It doesn’t keep coffee warm, so pour your coffee into the Hydro Flask insulated mugs we discussed earlier, OK?

78. Primula Avalon Whistling Stovetop Tea Kettle

This is the tea kettle I own, and it’s great. I like the idea of an electric kettle, but I know that in RV life, one must build flexibility into the plans. That’s why I prefer not to rely (solely) on electricity when it comes to something as important as making coffee!

Of course, you can use this kettle on an electric stove, but if that fails, you can also use it on a wood stove, gas stove, or over a campfire.

I like the black, satiny finish of the body and the warmth of the wood grain on the handle. I’m not sure when the company changed the spout to silver, but I could do without that.


  • Can be used with multiple heat sources
  • Large size
  • Design-conscious


  • I don’t love the silver spout
  • After four years of use, the faux wood grain is peeling in a couple of spots

79. Sweet Home Collection 3-Piece Dish Drainer Rack Set

This is another product I couldn’t live a mobile lifestyle without!

This Sweet Home Collection 3-Piece Dish Drainer Rack Set is great for several reasons.

First, it comes in a billion colors, so it will match your RV kitchen perfectly. 

Second, the drain spout is on the side and in the middle, which means it can go lengthwise on your counter and save you space.

One thing to note is that if your sink has a lip, you’ll need to put something under this for the drain to function correctly.


  • Comes in many colors
  • Side-center drain that maximizes counter space
  • Fits several place settings + cookware  


  • If your sink has a lip, you’ll need to set something under drying rack for proper drainage

RV Bathroom Supplies

Just because you live in an RV, doesn’t mean you can’t have a swanky and functional small-space bathroom.

I’ll address swank-factor in the decor section, but for now, let’s talk functionality. 

RV bathrooms have a few considerations that traditional homes don’t. For instance, you’re going to want rapid-dissolving RV toilet paper. But don’t worry, that’s why I made this list.

Are you ready to learn which supplies will turn your RV bathroom into the best small bathroom you’ve ever owned?

80. MOFOROCO Shower Caddy Organizer Shelves – 4-Pack

If you are the type to fill your RV shower with lotions and potions, you’ll want to consider a shower caddy organizer.

This particular one by MOFOROCO is great for RV travel because the adhesives are mega-strong. As in, you probably won’t ever be able to remove them. So just make sure you’re really set on placement before you stick them down, OK?

This is a 4-pack, so there will be a shelf for everyone in your RV shower.


  • Looks expensive
  • Mega-strong adhesives
  • 40 lb weight limit
  • Comes in a 4-pack


  • Adhesives are very difficult to remove and impossible to reuse

81. Mighty Cleaner Shammy Towel – 2-Pack

A lot of people use these to dry their cars or pets, but I use them mostly to dry myself!

If you plan to camp or live in an RV, you’re bound to be visiting hot springs and lakes, so these Shammy Towels are a great way to dry off on the fly.

At 26” x 17”, they aren’t as big as regular towels, but they dry in a fraction of the time. This makes them a big help if it isn’t convenient to do laundry.


  • Versatile
  • Quick-drying
  • Helps cut down on laundry
  • Great for outdoor adventure


  • Not as big as regular towels

82. Gatco 1917 Modern Rectangular Wastebasket

A wastebasket may not be the first thing on your mind when you think of an RV lifestyle, but it’s still important that you have a good one.

I like this one by Gatco because it’s slender enough to fit in between the toilet and the wall and heavy enough that it won’t move around during travel.


  • Design-conscious
  • Slender shape
  • Heavy


  • Slender shape requires a bit more effort to remove bag if trash is full

83. DampRid Moisture Absorber Canister 

These DampRid Moisture Absorber Canisters are another one of my RV must-haves!

Even if your RV travels take you to desert states, I can tell you from experience that small-space dwellings get humid nonetheless.

These canisters are rated for three hundred feet, but I keep one in each room.


  • Very effective
  • No electricity required
  • A silent dehumidifier option


  • Not reusable
  • Not cute to look at

84. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper – 48 Double-Rolls

Even if you buy the Unique RV Digest-It Treatment I recommended above, it still couldn’t hurt to use rapid-dissolving toilet paper.

This package comes with forty-eight double rolls, so you will be good to go for a long, long time.


  • Less likely to clog black water tanks
  • Large package means you won’t have to search for it on the road


  • If you’re used to the strong stuff, remember that this is intended to fall apart quickly

RV Bedroom Accessories

People in the RV community have a saying: home is where you park it.

And though you might live on the road, having a sense of home in your RV is still important.

The bedroom is the ultimate place for rest and recharge, which is why on this list, you will find soothing and practical items that will allow you to rest comfortably.

Some of these items I use myself and all of these items have excellent reviews. So if you’re going to live the RV lifestyle, here are some high-quality RV bedroom accessories to help you relax and recharge in style.

85. Whitebeach Full-Length Door Hanging Mirror

This Whitebeach Full-Length Door-Hanging Mirror will come in handy to check your outfit before you leave for the day.

It can be mounted on a door or wall and comes with adhesive strips to secure the bottom, so it doesn’t bounce or sway- perfect for RVs!


  • Multiple mounting options
  • Adhesive strips and mounting hardware included
  • Highly functional


  • If you’re looking for luxury, this mirror isn’t it

86. Coconut-Coir Mattress Pad – Queen-Sized

If you live in an RV, a conversion van, or any other small-space dwelling, there is an increased risk of mold due to moisture. 

One of the best ways to keep your RV bedroom mold-free is to invest in this Coconut-Coir Mattress Pad that encourages airflow underneath the mattress.

If your mattress lies on a flat surface, this product is pretty much non-negotiable.


  • Discourages mold growth


  • Will feel terrible if you try to use it as a mattress pad on top of your mattress. This product is intended for use underneath.

87. BedThreads Flax Linen Bedding Bundle

RV Accessories
Our rating
BedThreads Flax Linen Bedding Bundle
BedThreads Flax Linen Bedding Bundle
    Our Rating
    Our #87 Rated
    5 out of 5

    I’m about to tell you one of my best RV lifestyle secrets; are you ready?

    BedThreads makes the best bedding for small bedrooms.

    Flax linen is naturally rumply, so all you have to do is throw your duvet in the general direction of the headboard, and your bed will look fabulous every time.

    Also, the colors and texture don’t show dirt, so while I hope your bed is clean, if the dog paws aren’t, you don’t need an instant bedding change.

    The downfall is bad, though. The company doesn’t make king-sized pillowcases.


    • Naturally rumpled texture looks great no matter what
    • Color options are stunning
    • Flax linen texture doesn’t show dirt easily


    • No king-sized pillowcases 
    • Pricey (but worth it!)

    88. Caroeas Rolling Laundry Hamper

    Whether you do laundry in your RV or at a Laundromat, you will still need a laundry hamper.

    I like this one by Caroeas because it’s on wheels, so you can access it easily and slide it away when you’re done.

    I’m not crazy about the giant ‘LAUNDRY’ sign on the side, but hey, maybe that’s your style.


    • On wheels
    • Comes in many colors
    • Water and dust-proof


    • Lettered “LAUNDRY” sign is bold

    89. Best RV Laundry Hamper: SONGMICS Handwoven Laundry Hamper

    This SONGMICS Handwoven version is another fantastic laundry hamper for an RV.

    The woven basket will bring warmth to your RV design scheme, and it comes in several colors.

    Users report that these baskets are sturdy and easy to assemble but that, for the price, they could be made with more precision.


    • Adds warmth to design schemes
    • Sturdy
    • Easy to assemble


    • Craftsmanship is sometimes sloppy

    90. Hot Water Bottle Heat Compress

    If you are on the verge of buying an RV, let me tell you that there are a few RV accessories that will save you time and time again. A hot water bottle is one of them!

    You might have a power outage, camp on a freezing night, or need something to warm you as you sit outside looking at the stars. Whatever the situation, a hot water bottle is often the answer.

    One note of caution: please do not fill these with boiling water or put them in the microwave.


    • Can provide extra safety in emergency situations
    • Cozy


    • Will break down over time; no brand lasts forever.

    91. YITAHOME Wall-Mounted Jewelry Cabinet

    Honestly, what RV closet is complete without a jewelry cabinet on the wall next to it?

    This version by YITAHOME hosts seventy-two earring holders, twelve necklace hooks, thirty-nine ring slots, two makeup compartments, and a storage shelf!

    It also comes with a lock and key to further protect your things.


    • Effective use of space
    • Comes with a lock and key
    • Is dazzling in person


    • You’re about to spend a lot more money on jewelry

    92. Yogasleep Duet White Noise Sound Machine

    Life on the road is fun, but if you or the kids have difficulty sleeping away from home, this white noise machine by Yogasleep can help turn your RV bedroom into a sanctuary.

    Users love the variety of sound options (and the fact that there aren’t a billion of them!) They also like the nightlight feature and vouch for the fact that it can be turned off.

    The downsides are that this white noise machine is corded, and you will need to supply your own USB power block to use that cord.


    • White noise machine, Bluetooth speaker, and nightlight in one
    • Has the perfect amount of sound options


    • Corded
    • Doesn’t come with necessary USB block (only with cable)

    93. Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser With Essential Oils Set

    If you want to keep your RV smelling good without using chemicals, you will definitely want to consider this Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser With Essential Oils Set.

    I wish it didn’t have a cord, but I love that there are color modes and misting modes and that it comes with six popular oils. Lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, peppermint, and lemongrass are all included.


    • 7 color modes
    • Multiple mist modes
    • Multiple timers and auto-shutoff
    • Six essential oils included


    • Some users report that plastic cover feels cheap
    • Corded 

    94. Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

    Do you want to hear a joke I made up?

    Q: How do you fit a book lover into an RV?

    A: With a Kindle!

    Seriously, if you love to read, just add one of these to your cart now. This Paperwhite Essentials Bundle is the best!


    • Textured screen feels paper-ish
    • You can take all your books with you
    • The cover kicks things up a notch
    • Kindles allow you to take notes, highlight passages, and look up words


    • Wifi is required to buy and download books
    • Unclear whether a charging cable is included or not

    RV Design and Decor

    Like I said above, if you are going to live in an RV, you want it to feel like home. And that means designing your RV to reflect you.

    The items on this list were selected for several reasons, beginning with weight. You always have to consider RV weight when living a mobile lifestyle, so I did my best to choose lightweight items that were big enough to add impact.

    In choosing products to assist in your RV design plans, I also considered ease of installation and prioritized vertical placement. 

    Here are the RV decor accessories that will make your home-on-wheels come to life! 

    95. Stratton Home Decor Wall-Hanging Centerpiece

    Like with storage, when it comes to RV decor, it helps to think vertically.

    This Stratton Home Wall-Hanging Centerpiece will add a pop of color to your RV without taking up space.

    The metal plates are lightweight, but not to the degree that they are flimsy.

    This art piece is generally a good bet, but some users report that it arrived with paint spots where they shouldn’t be.


    • Easy to clean
    • Adds color
    • Lightweight
    • Rings on the back for easy hanging


    • May require mounting tape to further stabilize for RV travels
    • Some reports of paint spots that mar design 

    96. Tempaper Removable Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

    Nothing will transform a space quite as fast as wallpaper! 

    And if you live in an RV, this is an awesome decor option that won’t add weight.

    This product doesn’t work well on textured walls or walls with flat paint, and you’ll want to wipe walls with a 1:1 water and isopropyl alcohol solution before you begin. 


    • Fairly easy to install
    • No glue required
    • Moisture-resistant


    • Tricky to install if you don’t have patience for this sort of thing
    • If you don’t buy rolls from the same dye-lot number, there could be color variation. 

    97. Art3D Peel-and-Stick Brick Wall Panels

    If you want a show-stopping RV design that people will remember, these Art3D Peel-and-Stick Brick Wall Panels could be just the thing.

    They add texture and warmth and are even easier to put up than peel-and-stick wallpaper.

    These are waterproof, so you could use them as a backsplash, but do not use them to line a shower! They aren’t that waterproof!


    • Panels add instant warmth and texture 
    • Easy to install
    • Waterproof enough for backsplashes


    • Adhesive may not be strong enough depending on placement
    • Consider using additional adhesive
    • Not for use in showers

    98. DeJAVU Touch-Sensitive Hexagon Wall Lights

    If you are traveling in an RV with kids, you will definitely want a few sets of these DeJAVU Touch-Sensitive Hexagon Wall Lights.

    They add instant atmosphere and are fun to play with.

    Six come in a box, but that doesn’t pack much of a punch. So buy a few boxes to create a more dramatic effect.

    One thing to remember, though, is that if you connect more than two sets together, you’ll want to add an additional power source.


    • Includes remote control
    • Flashing and steady light modes


    • One box probably won’t have the effect you’re after
    • Connecting more than two boxes without an additional power source will cause lights to dim

    99. Waypoint Geographic Scratch-Off Map of the United States

    If you are looking for stylish RV decor that helps you record your travel memories, this Waypoint Scratch-Off Map could be just the thing.

    Kids and adults will love scratching off the gray coating to reveal colorful states as you check them off your bucket list.

    Please note that this map is a large 24” x 36”!


    • Educational decor
    • Travel memory keepsake


    • Large size could overwhelm small RVs

    100. Lavish Home “Life is Good” Metal Cutout

    When you live on the road, life is good. So why not say so?

    This Lavish Home “Life is Good” Metal Cutout will remind you of all you have to be grateful for. 

    This RV decor piece comes with anchors and mounting screws, and reviews mention that it looks just as it does in the pictures.


    • Looks like the pictures
    • Comes with hardware
    • Easy Installation


    • You made need to add an adhesive backing to secure for RV movement

    101. DearPrint Outdoor Wanderlust Throw Pillow

    Do you plan to indulge your wanderlust by hitting the road in your RV soon? 

    If so, you’ll need this DearPrint Outdoor Wanderlust Throw Pillow.

    It comes in two sizes, 16” x 16” and 18” x 18″.

    It says ‘outdoor’, but it also says dry clean only. Do with that what you will.


    • Comes in 2 sizes
    • Supposedly an outdoor product


    • Dry clean only
    • No Amazon reviews

    102. RoomMates Butterfly Peel-and-Stick Wall Decals

    These RoomMates Peel-and-Stick Wall Decals are perfect for decorating kids’ bedrooms in RVs.

    This butterfly pack comes with twenty-six decals to transform your little one’s space.

    Users report that the stickers are easy to apply and reposition.


    • Transforms a large or small space
    • Easy to apply
    • Cost effective way to decorate


    • Butterflies have white trim you may want to remove if wall isn’t white

    103. RoomMates Rocket Peel-and-Stick Wall Decals

    Your kid not big on butterflies? Check out this awesome rocket-themed peel-and-stick wall decal. It offers all the same benefits, just in a space-age motif.


    • Transforms a large or small space
    • Easy to apply
    • Cost effective way to decorate


    • Rockets aren’t for every kid

    104. Camco “Life is Better at the Campsite” Scrub Mat

    The problem with writing lists like this is that I end up buying things.

    Like this “Life is Better at the Campsite” Scrub Mat. Now I need one.

    This indoor/outdoor mat adds to RV decor while serving a practical purpose. And it comes in four colors!

    People seem to love it, but please note that this product can suffer from fading.


    • Comes in 4 colors
    • Practical decor


    • Lettering can fade

    105. DII ”Home is Where You Park It” Heavy Duty Coir Doormat

    This “Home is Where You Park It” doormat is sure to get a lot of attention in any RV community.

    It’s made of heavy-duty coconut coir fiber to help keep dirt outside where it belongs.

    Users report that it’s durable but sometimes sheds a few coconut hairs.


    • Practical decor
    • Heavy-duty


    • Sometimes sheds

    Supplies for RV Life With Kids

    Have you been Googling ‘best RV for a family?’ Because if you want to live in an RV with yours, you’ll want to read this next part for sure.

    This section is filled with toys, games, and journals designed to keep kids occupied in the car and help them get the most out of their travel experience.

    These activities have great reviews, but just make sure you want to play too, because your kids will not put these down!

    106. Briarpatch I SPY Travel Card Game for Kids

    Traveling in an RV with kids will take some planning. The last thing you want is to hear about their boredom between campsites.

    This I SPY Travel Card Game by Briarpatch is a good bet to keep them occupied. It’s intended for kids ages four and up!


    • Large print, easy-to-read cards
    • A good option for a wide span of ages


    • Cards look a little dated

    107. Chronicle Books  On-The-Go Amusements (50 Cool Things to Do in the Car) 

    Kids and adults will love this On-The-Go Amusements (50 Cool Things to Do in the Car) pack by Chronicle Books.

    I read the cards to make sure the games were actually good. They check out. Also, the cards suggest games that do not require additional equipment, so that’s good!


    • Hours of distraction
    • Good variety of games


    • The cards (and the print) are super small

    108. Melissa & Doug Flip-to-Win Travel License Plate Game

    This Melissa & Doug Flip-to-Win Travel License Plate Game is for two players ages eight and up.

    This game is intended to teach kids the states and capitals, but the board provides the flexibility to make up your own games as well. Flip the plates as you pass them in the car, maybe?


    • High-quality wooden board
    • Educational game
    • Flexibility to use the board in multiple ways


    • Feels a little dated

    109. What Do You MEME? Family Edition

    If you are traveling in an RV with kids, you’ll need some good games to play when you arrive at the campsite.

    This family edition of “What Do You MEME” could be just the thing. But be forewarned that this deck does contain bathroom humor.

    Is this a kid-free trip? There’s also an adult version of this game!


    • Hilarious
    • Good for a wide span of ages (8 and up)


    • Has bathroom humor
    • According to the reviews, the British don’t find this game nearly as funny as Americans

    110. Toss & Catch Sticky Paddle Ball Set

    Oops. There I go spending money again.

    But if you’ve ever played with one of these sets, I know you won’t judge me. There is just something so satisfying about the sound of the ball pulling away from the Velcro.

    This Toss & Catch Sticky Paddle Ball Set won’t last forever, but it will be fun while it does.


    • Fun
    • Works well


    • Will hold up for a summer, but not a lifetime

    111. The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids

    This Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids can help kids process their experiences.

    Whether you plan to live on the road with kids for a week or a lifetime, this journal will help them create a memory book for the future.

    It’s best for kids ages six to nine and is designed to document four trips.


    • Appeals to a wide variety of thought and learning styles
    • Deeper than surface level, while remaining fun 
    • Includes a Mad-Libs style section!


    • Limited Amazon reviews for less-than-four-star ratings 

    112. SS Designs Travel Diary: A Guided Journal Memory Keepsake 

    Camping in an RV with teenagers sounds like quite the adventure. Best of luck with that!

    No, really, though; I hope it goes smoothly, and I highly recommend this travel diary for when your teen needs time alone. 

    This journal has a gender-neutral presentation and caters to teens who like to stay organized, plan ahead, and document specifics.


    • Creased leather-like cover
    • Gender-neutral


    • Limited Amazon reviews

    RV Accessories for Life on the Road With Pets

    Do you plan to travel in your RV with a pet? If so, you’ll want to ensure that Fido and Fiona have all the best RV pet supplies in the world.

    In making this list, I looked for concerns specific to mobile living, like, for instance, the fact that your pet might be in unfamiliar territory or that day hikes are a likely occurrence.

    My selections were based mainly on reviews, and I favored functionality and durability over price.

    I’m a bit of a minimalist, so I wasn’t sure a dog needed a paw-washer, but every single person on the internet disagreed with me. And since I know that dirt can get out of hand in an RV, I decided to trust them.

    Anyway, here is what made the list of the best RV pet accessories on the market!

    113. NiteHowl Adjustable LED Pet Collar

    Of course, you will be traveling with pets in your RV! Who wouldn’t take Roofus?

    This NiteHowl Adjustable LED Pet Collar is sure to be admired by all the pups at any RV campground. It will also let you keep an eye on your pup!

    This collar fits pet necks with a 12” to 27” circumference, and the battery lasts five-and-a-half hours.

    It’s water-resistant, but don’t let your pet swim in it.


    • Bright light
    • Water-resistant
    • Works well


    • If your pet gets it off, it might become their favorite chew toy
    • Color is monochrome

    114. Franklin Sports Spill-Proof Pet Bowl

    Having a dog in an RV is great, except for when they spill their water bowl. Or when you forget to put it in the sink while driving, and you spill their water bowl.

    Fortunately, this Franklin Sports Spill-Proof Pet Bowl will prevent spills no matter who’s at fault.

    It’s a little wobbly to carry, and you’ll want to be sure to clean the inner rim well, but this bowl won’t slide around or splash when you’re traveling in an RV with a pet.


    • 2 sizes 16 and 27 oz.
    • BPA free
    • Works well


    • A little wobbly to carry
    • A film can develop on the underside of the lip if not washed properly

    115. Emoly Collapsible Pet Bowls – 2 Pack

    RV life with pets probably means you’ll be hiking with your furry friends. And when they get hungry or thirsty, I recommend you use these Emoly Collapsible Pet Bowls to help them recharge.

    The bowls come in different colors and include a carabiner, but please note that they are best for small to medium-sized pets.


    • Two pack comes with two colors
    • Different packs provide more color options
    • Bowls are collapsible
    • Set includes carabiners


    • Won’t work well for large pets

    116. New Pet Solutions Portable Dog Water Bottle

    I don’t currently have a pet, but if I was camping in an RV with a dog, I would 100% buy this portable water bottle.

    The minimalist in me likes the idea of my dog’s water and bowl in one. And the germaphobe in me likes the idea of my dog not sharing my water bottle.

    There are some reports of leakage, but more than eight hundred people have weighed in on Amazon and awarded it just shy of five stars.


    • Compact
    • Keeps your pup’s nose out of your water
    • Comes in 12 and 19 oz sizes


    • Some reports of leakage

    117. Dexus MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

    Is this Dexus MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer overkill? I thought it might be, but then again, I know how quickly an RV can get dirty.

    If anyone still has doubts, the reviews will definitely put them to rest: this device is necessary if you plan to travel with dogs in an RV.

    You’ll have to teach your pup to put up with it, but it will be worth it because the wash job is far superior to what you can accomplish with a rag.


    • Works very well
    • Comes in many colors
    • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes


    • Will need to be cleaned
    • Water may splash on the floor
    • You’ll still need a towel to dry paws
    • Large size is tricky to hold with one hand if you have smaller hands
    • Your dog may be afraid of it

    118. Amazon Basics Soft Pet Travel Playpen

    RV campgrounds are fun places for everyone- pets included!

    But if you want to keep your dog, cat, or ferret safe during your trip, you’ll want to consider purchasing this Amazon Basics Soft Pet Travel Playpen.

    This one is best for small dogs, cats, and rodent friends. It’s fairly durable with big zippers, but if your pet is crafty, you may want to lock the zippers for added security. 


    • Fairly durable
    • Easy to clean
    • Pop-up style
    • Large zippers


    • Determined pets could still escape
    • May need to weigh it down to keep pets from ‘traveling’ with it

    119. FXW Outdoor Dog Playpen

    If you live in your RV with a dog year-round, you will definitely want to consider this FXW Outdoor Dog Playpen.

    You can purchase a set of 2, 4, 6, 8, 24, or 48 panels to build a barrier that meets your needs. You can also choose how tall the panels are. The company offers 24”, 32”, 40”, and 50” tall versions.

    These panels can be used to build a round or square fence, and the product is heavy-duty and easy to assemble. 

    This fence is pricey, but it’s worth it. Especially if living in an RV with a dog is a full-time thing.


    • Highly customizable
    • Extremely durable


    • Pricey
    • Larger fences seem difficult to move for frequent travel

    120. Uproot Cleaner Pet Hair/Pilling/Lint Removal Tool

    And we’ve made it to the end of our list! As a reward, I’m buying myself one of these Uproot Cleaner Pet Hair Removal Tools!

    I said before that I don’t have a pet right now, but I’ve used one of these things to remove lint and pilling, and they make clothes look brand new.

    I know it seems like something you’d see on late-night TV, but I promise it works.


    • Works extremely well


    • Won’t work on every material
    • Only 4” wide so large spaces take time to clean

    Buying Guide

    I know I just gave you quite the RV shopping list, but don’t worry because this is the section where I help you narrow it down and make decisions.

    The first thing I’d encourage you to consider is the ease of assembly.

    RV life comes with enough challenges, so it’s essential to pad your life with products that meet your skill level.

    Of course, I’d never discourage you if you love to tinker! But if you’re new to tools, read the reviews carefully lest you spend your entire camping trip trying to put together your new RV awning.

    Next, double-check the size of an item to ensure it’s appropriate for your RV. There is a big difference between a teardrop camper and a massive fifth wheel, so you’ll want to be sure that your RV accessories are sized appropriately.

    Also, I can’t, in good faith, tell you to go by RV accessories without reminding you to consider indoor/outdoor use. 

    The RV lifestyle highly encourages indoor/outdoor living, so you want to look at anything you’re considering through that lens. Throw pillows, blankets, beer glasses, and portable speakers could all be enjoyed out in the elements, so you’ll want to buy ones that are up for the task.

    If you already own an RV, I know you know this, but if you’re just getting started, please remember that RVs clean fast, but they get dirty fast too. I did my best to recommend items that are easy to clean, but please run it through your own filter to determine how easy they will be to clean for you. 

    If you don’t have a washing machine or hate seeing spots on chrome, just do yourself a favor and pick something you can easily keep looking nice. Oh, but definitely put that Shark Rocket vacuum in your cart now. I wasn’t kidding about that one!

    Finally, I’d consider a company’s customer service record. When you’re living life on the road, you will need support. Great customer service can make or break a product’s value, so if you’re on the fence about something, it can’t hurt to read recent reviews.

    Alright, that is all. I now release you to go on the biggest RV shopping excursion of your life. Enjoy!

    Final Thoughts

    If you read this entire list in one sitting, you are such a rockstar. And if you skimmed it, cheers to your efficiency. Just bookmark this page, so you’ll know what to buy when it’s time to shop. 

    Do you know which RV accessory you’ll be buying first? Comment below so we can get excited with you!



    Alaska is a writer and tiny home dweller from the great state of Colorado! She believes in value-based living and in the power of tiny house magic.
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