Are you planning on constructing your own miniature abode? In that case, you’re going to want to read through these blogs. All of them are tailored for those wanting to be their very own contractor with a tiny home. Choosing the best materials is crucially important when putting together your little house — so make sure to check out our entire line of products page where we provide links to all the essentials. We have everything from wood stoves to showers and heating systems as well! If any questions fly into your head like birds, don’t hesitate at all in reaching out. We’ll respond just as quickly as an eagle dives down for its prey — terrible simile.. I know, please forgive me. We’re here for anything you might need assistance with!

Starting Out On The Right Foot

Before you even think about ordering building materials, it’s important to select which type of tiny house will fit you best. Our blogs all cater towards people who are fans of being their own handyman (or woman) but there are plenty of other options too! Take motorhomes or cabins for example.

Once you’ve got the right style and size picked out, go ahead and start shopping now! We have loads of insulation, wood and solar panels waiting for you… along with much more!

The three aforementioned blogs ought to get your brain waves flowing in the right direction.. But if they don’t do it for ya’, then maybe one written by someone else will! You won’t know until you take a look now will ya’? Reach out to us today and chat with other people who are also building their tiny homes. Sharing experiences and stories is always fun, especially when it’s about something everyone loves!