Prefab Tiny Houses: 10 Awesome Models

Always been interested in tiny homes but not looking to DIY one?

Check out this list of incredibly cool prefab tiny homes to see what’s available on the market and find the perfect model for your needs and style.

1. kitHAUS k5 + k6 Series

If you’re looking for a top-quality prefab tiny house then kitHAUS can be considered the gold standard. In business since 2005, kitHAUS has delivered hundreds of its prefab homes and workspaces all over the country. They’re made from highly durable materials and are fully inspected and certified to use as a permanently installed home.

The k5 + k6 series offers the best mix of affordability and size, coming in between 235 and 330 square feet depending on the configuration yet starting at just over $60k. Every kitHAUS model ships in a flatpack configuration and is assembled on-site rapidly. They offer excellent insulation, minimalist styling, and are fully wired and plumbed.

Even better, they’re rated to stand up to significant wind, snow, and weather conditions. If you’re looking for the next best thing to a turnkey foundation-built tiny house solution kitHAUS is one of the best options out there.

2. Drop Structures Holo Plus and Holo Off-Grid

The Drop Structures Holo Plus is a prefab tiny home with a style that few can match. Instead of going for a tiny-house-on-wheels approach, Drop designed some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functionally elegant foundation-built tiny homes we’ve yet seen.

The Holo Plus offers 222 square feet of living space plus a loft bed. It has a light and airy interior thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows on either end and comes standard with a Grizzly Cubic wood stove for a cozy winter feel. The Holo Plus is designed to hook up to standard utilities, but the Holo Off-Grid is built from the ground up with off-grid compatibility in mind.

You can choose from various Goal Zero power systems and even go with a composting toilet rather than the included plumbed one.

3. Nestron Legend 2

Nestron has been on my radar for a couple of years, ever since they released a seriously cool promotional video showing their futuristic modular pod homes.

The Nestron Legend 2 is a 275-square-foot modular tiny home that ships fully assembled, furnished, plumbed, and electrified, including the option for an entirely off-grid solar-powered model with an integrated battery system. Once you take delivery, all you have to do is hook up your water supply and you’ve got a fully functional and delightfully stylish home with everything you could ask for.

One thing to get out of the way: Nestron seemed kind of sketchy at first glance. I held off on including them in previous reviews because I couldn’t quite pin down if they had actually made any products, and my communication with them wasn’t particularly fruitful. They’ve since begun shipments to the U.S. and internationally, with confirmed delivery from independent sources, so it was finally time for me to write them up.

4. Boxabl Casita

Boxabl has taken the concept of shippable prefab tiny homes to the next level of possibility. The Boxabl Casita ships in a flatpack container and then unfolds like a cardboard box into a fully furnished and ready-to-inhabit home.

The Casita offers 375 square feet of living space and includes a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom with shower or tub, plus a convertible living area and full hookups. The interior design is contemporary and quite charming in both its looks and efficiency.

What sets Boxabl apart from some of the other prefab and modular tiny homes on our list is the sheer scale of their ambitions. Where most manufacturers produce a few dozen to a few hundred prefab homes a year, Boxabl’s goal is to mass-produce thousands to tens of thousands and provide significant support to the modern housing crisis.

While Boxabl hasn’t yet shipped finished products, they have built several functional display models and are almost ready to begin commercial production. We definitely recommend you check them out if you’re looking for a prefab tiny house.

5. WheelHaus Lookout

WheelHaus takes the prefab tiny house concept to the next level. They manufacture dozens of homes each year, allowing their manufacturing facility to operate continuously. That allows them to pass along savings on materials and quality many other tiny home manufacturers just can’t match.

The Lookout is a foundation-built prefab tiny house that combines the most in-demand features of your average tiny house with beautiful styling. It has a sharply peaked roof on one end and makes strategic use of floor-to-ceiling glass to maximize your view.

You wind up with 400 square feet of highly customizable living space in a beautiful package. Even better, the Lookout comes ready to connect to utilities so you can move right in.

6. Land Ark RV Quatro

The Land Ark Quatro is a slick prefab tiny home designed for those with a strong case of wanderlust. It incorporates interior design elements more commonly seen with RVs such as a convertible guest room in the kitchen without sacrificing style or functionality as a full-time home.

The Quatro is very much a tiny house, coming in at just 192 square feet, but its efficient design still allows for a very comfortable living space. It includes a full bathroom, reasonable storage space, and is easy to connect to RV-style hookups.

7. WheelPad Accessible StudioPad

WheelPad is a little different than the other prefab tiny houses on our list. Instead of focusing purely on minimalism and reducing your carbon footprint, WheelPad was founded to make tiny homes and tiny living accessible to everyone, including those with physical differences.

The StudioPad is a fully functional studio apartment with an en-suite kitchen, accessible entrances, and an integrated lift system from the bedroom to the bathroom designed to exceed ADA requirements. An exciting feature is that they don’t sacrifice aesthetics or design touches to achieve this.

WheelPad’s prefab units are manufactured in their central facility and ship ready to install. They even offer assistance in pulling permits to meet your local building requirements.

8. Mint Tiny House Company Loft Edition

Mint Tiny House Company makes a range of prefab tiny homes in their Loft line. Each offers near-identical square footage but combines different layouts and design priorities.

The benefit of this is that you can easily find a tiny home to fit your specific needs without having to pay the often hefty customization fees other makers charge. The exterior styling of the Loft tiny homes offers ample windows and comes in various attractive colors.

As befits a tiny home named Loft, the loft spaces provide plenty of space for a very comfortable bedroom. If you’re considering a prefab tiny home on wheels, Mint is one of the best options out there.

9. Koda Loft

The Koda Loft takes an avant-garde approach to tiny home design that many will find extremely attractive. It’s all sharp lines, sudden shifts, and a gorgeous open front style that allows plenty of natural lighting.

The Koda Loft is constructed from natural timber, a significant plus for those looking for a green prefab tiny house, and has a unique loft design that gives more of a multi-room feel than many tiny houses we see.

If you’re looking for a foundation-built modular tiny house that stands out from the crowd, the Koda Loft is one of the best choices available.

10. New Frontier Design Cornelia

New Frontier Design lives up to its name, creating gorgeous architecturally designed prefab tiny homes with impeccable quality. The Cornelia is one of their intermediate-size designs and offers a comfortable living space for two.

It incorporates attractive design details like 270-degree window views and an integrated desk for remote work. It’s somewhat more limited in terms of included amenities but offers a sustainable option for those looking for a more minimalist living space.

Josh Davidson

Josh Davidson

Josh is a freelance writer and avid outdoorsman. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Political Science and has done his best since to live location-independent. He's been a firm supporter of the tiny movement, new homesteaders, and sustainable alternative living and used his knowledge of these topics to convert a 1999 Dodge Ram van to explore as much of Wild America as he could reach.
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