about tiny living life

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our goal with Tiny Living Life is to deliver compelling and informational content in the tiny living and off-grid world.

Nobody likes dry content, and we do our very best to give you unique and practical content to allow you to live your best tiny lives.

Our team is comprised of people who actually walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. We live and breathe tiny homes and off-grid living. We believe in a future where we spend more time doing the things that inspire us versus accumulating things we don’t need.

Currently, our day-to-day lives are under immense stress. We are all fighting a nearly invisible intruder, a lot of us are losing our jobs, and the economy is taking a big hit.

There may be a silver lining though…

Tiny homes and off-grid living are becoming more and more viable lifestyles. We are all realizing how much we value stability and self-reliance.

The value in depending on yourself without being bound to the grid or a suffocating mortgage is becoming more and more attractive. Maybe this will be the moment that you take the leap to go off the grid, or you sell your house and upgrade to a tiny home. Our aim is to support you, wherever you may find yourself in your journey.

Wishing you all a happy tiny living life.

-Gaetan & Daniel