Living in a place of small size means you have to be able to manage with limited space. I’ve written some blogs below that give tips on what you can do in order to maximize the amount of space you have. Because even one square foot counts.

Septic vs Composting Toilet

Septic vs Composting Toilet

Selecting the right waste management system is essential for any household, particularly those located off the municipal sewage network. This blog article compares septic tanks and composting toilets to help you choose the right system that matches your environmental...

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What are some things you need to think about when downsizing?

When embracing tiny living, it’s important that certain aspects are prioritized so that your smaller spaced home is comfortable and functional. Here are 5 key points:

  • Space efficiency: By choosing furniture that is multifunctional and designs that best use the available space will not only make your home more functional but also give off a more open feeling.
  • Minimalism: While living small, clutter cannot be an option. It requires careful selection of items where you keep only what is necessary or valuable which is crucial for comfortable living.
  • Community engagement: The support and resources from other people going through the same experiences as well as being able to share solutions can greatly enhance your time spent in your tiny home.
  • Energy efficient: You may find that energy efficient appliances, heating, cooling, and refrigeration can support a more affordable lifestyle. Not to mention lower the harm done to our earth.
  • Adaptable: Smaller living spaces won't fit your everyday life as you know it. This means that you need to change your habits around all the things you do. When buying items, think about how multifunctional they can be. In spaces where every inch counts, so does the things in them.

If these key points are focused on then there’s no doubt that this transition into a tiny home will be successful.