17 Best Tiny House Appliances of 2024

Preparing your dream tiny home to live in doesn’t stop once it’s built. You still need plenty of fixings, fittings, and of course appliances to make it comfortable. 

One thing many people overlook when planning their tiny life are the appliances they’ll need. 

Below, in no particular order, are the 17 best tiny house appliances we’ve yet to encounter. They cover most of your appliance needs and offer great performance and value.

1. Best Tiny House Mixer: KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Qt Stand Mixer

If you’re looking to add baker to your tiny house resume, a quality stand mixer is an essential tool to do it. KitchenAid has been making incredible stand mixers for years and offers by far the best tiny house stand mixer you can find.

The KitchenAid Artisan series improves on the company’s iconic design with an improved motor and the option to pick from dozens of beautiful colors. It can whip up dough just as easily as a delicious batch of homemade whipped cream and its power-hub design allows you to upgrade your kitchen with useful tools such as a pasta maker, sausage grinder, and so much more.

Looking for something a little more compact and storable than a stand mixer? Check out the Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus Handheld Mixer. It’s a simple, stylish, and exceptionally effective hand mixer that gives you significant mixing capability in a package a lot smaller than a stand mixer.

The Cuisinart comes with an integral storage case that helps you keep all the attachments and other dohickeys right at hand when you need them. It’s also just a fraction of the price of a KitchenAid stand mixer.

2. Best Tiny House Vacuum: Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

Dyson is a towering figure in the vacuum world, with the Dyson V8 Absolute representing their (and the market’s) best mid-priced stick vacuum. It relies on an advanced vortex motor that creates powerful suction to pick up every bit of dirt and debris.

Even better, Dyson now includes a full range of essential accessories with the V8 Absolute. Stick style vacuums offer the best mix of performance and storability, and are our top pick for the majority of tiny house owners.

3. Best Tiny House Microwave: Toshiba EM131A5C-BS

Not every tiny house needs a microwave, but if yours does, we recommend you go with the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS. It’s a 1.2 cubic foot microwave, an excellent size for a tiny house, and includes several key features such as a mute option, automatic reheating, and a really nice modern look to it.

The automatic reheating is honestly our favorite feature. You can choose from a selection of five commonly reheated foods including pizza, rice, and frozen veggies then let the microwave’s advanced sensors heat it to perfection. 

It’s a countertop unit, something else that can come in handy in a tiny house where you might not want to mount appliances into your wall. 

4. Best Tiny House Space Heater: Vornado VH202

If your tiny home doesn’t have a central heating system, a dependable space heater is a great way to stave off the winter chill. The Vornado VH202 offers the best mix of affordability, energy efficiency, and power for a tiny home. 

It has a low and high setting and can efficiently heat a small space quickly. It probably won’t be powerful enough to completely warm up a 400+ square foot tiny home, but it will definitely keep the area around you warmer and more comfortable.

The only downside to a space heater for a tiny home is the power draw. The VH202 draws 375 Watts on low and 750 Watts on high, a pretty significant pull for such a small appliance.

5. Best Tiny House Water Filter: Big Berkey

Tiny House Water Filter
Our rating
Big Berkey Water Filter
Big Berkey Water Filter
    Our Rating
    4.5 out of 5

    Having pure drinking water is an absolute essential for everyone. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more uncertain just how safe any source of water really is.

    The Big Berkey gravity-water filter represents the most effective option for those living in tiny homes. It’s a comprehensive, multi-threat water filtration system capable of removing viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals to leave you with the purest water possible.

    The Big Berkey is a portable countertop water filter capable of filtering thousands of gallons of water per filter and holding up to 2.25 gallons of fresh clean water ready for your family to use. Berkey has made high-quality, reliable filtration systems for decades and offers some of the best water filters for tiny homes.

    6. Best Tiny House Coffee Maker: Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Coffee Maker

    The Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Coffee Maker is an institution in the drip coffee world. It’s affordable, compact, makes a surprisingly good and consistent pot of coffee, and lasts for years. That means a lot when a lot of appliances we see that come in under $50, particularly those with heating elements, might as well have “Temporary Use Only” printed on the box.

    The Mr. Coffee 5-Cup beats the odds, offering a very affordably priced option that’s easy to use, requires minimal maintenance, and somehow manages to make a good cup of coffee over years of reliable use. 

    More into delicious lattes and savory shots of espresso? The Breville Bambino is by far the best entry-level espresso maker on the market today. It’s a gorgeous stainless steel machine that allows you to effortlessly pull perfect shots of espresso, froth milk, and make delectable Italian coffee classics right in your tiny home.

    7. AeroGarden Harvest Hydroponic Spice Garden

    As tiny home owners and van dwellers, we’re always looking for ways to be more sustainable in our lives. The AeroGarden Harvest offers the ability to sustainably and affordably grow your own herbs, micro greens, and other small kitchen plants in a virtually hassle-free way.

    The AeroGarden is a smart hydroponic system that sits right on your countertop and includes everything needed to grow up to a dozen small plants. It has its own LED system to provide the most optimal growing conditions and produces year-round crops of your favorite greens and herbs.

    What’s even cooler is how much money it can help you save. It may seem pricey up front, but your savings on fresh vegetables will quickly match the initial cost and help you save on groceries over the years.

    8. Best Tiny House Toaster: Cuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Toaster

    Toasters are one of those funny little appliances that everyone owns and yet no one thinks about buying. In our experience, most people use a toaster until they can’t any more, then replace it with another one that’ll last a few more years.

    Unless you’re looking to drop a serious chunk of change, it’s hard to find a toaster that will beat that pattern. What we love about the Cuisinart CPT-122 is that it proved us wrong.

    Not only is it reasonably nice to look at (I mean, for a toaster…) and compact enough for a tiny home kitchen, it does a darn good job of evenly toasting bread without drying it out. It has a solid range of features and functions that allow you to adjust how browned your bread gets on its way to becoming toast, and is backed by an industry-leading three year warranty.

    With most toasters we see, particularly toasters at the Cuisinart CPT-122’s price point, you’re lucky to get a one year warranty. 

    9. Best Tiny House Slow Cooker (and Pressure Cooker Too!): Instant Pot Duo Plus

    The Instant Pot Duo Plus is by far the best and most versatile pressure cooker for tiny homes. It gives home chef’s of any level a potent tool to expand their family’s recipe repertoire while significantly reducing the hassle of cooking things like roasts, soups, and everything in between.

    The Instant Pot Duo Plus is a smart pressure cooker that lets you basically set it and forget it. With just a few settings you can cook perfectly tender pot roasts, delectable pulled pork, plus all variety of soups, stews, and veggies. 

    It pulls double (well, 9-part) duty as a whole host of other appliances too. The Duo Plus is also a rice cooker, yogurt maker, food warmer, sanitizer (great if you have little ones still on the bottle), 

    10. Best Tiny House Carbonated Water Maker: SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker

    We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t do without our sparkling beverages. With prices the way they are now, though, there’s no way we’d be able to enjoy them every day without our Soda Stream. 

    It allows you to quickly and easily produce liters of sparkling water using your own tap water at a remarkably affordable cost. Instead of shelling out for case after case or La Croix, Bubbly, or other sparkling waters we can make our own delicious blends with syrups, fresh fruit, and even herb infusions (mint and lemongrass with a twist of lime is amazing!)

    The SodaStream Jet let’s you save money while being more sustainable. That’s a tiny house win win, and one of the best tiny house appliances out there.

    11. Best Tiny House Solar Refrigerator: BougeRV E55 Solar Refrigerator

    An energy-efficient refrigerator is hugely beneficial for an off-grid tiny home. The BougeRV E55 is a 59-quart solar refrigerator that combines a high-quality refrigeration unit with comprehensive insulation to significantly reduce the amount of power needed to operate it.

    It’s a chest style refrigerator rather than an upright, an important point to keep in mind, but overall is one of the most affordable and reliable options available. It keeps food at temps of between -4°F and 68°F and offers a bunch of user-friendly features including a Bluetooth supported app. 

    If you’re looking to save on your budget and your power consumption, the bougeRV E55 is a great option.

    12. Best Tiny House Blender: Beast Blender 

    A lot of tiny dwellers build sustainable living habits into their day-to-day lives, including things like making their own sauces, salsas, nut butter, and delicious daily smoothies. Smaller is usually better in a tiny home, so when we got the chance to try out a Beast Blender we were hugely excited. 

    It’s a new and more minimalist take on the personal blender that looks just as beautiful on the outside as it is impressive on the inside. It looks nothing like other tiny house blenders on the market, with a sleek hourglass-shaped design that’s more reminiscent of a lighthouse than a blender.

    What shocked us was that the Beast Blender actually blends better than its appearance wows. It has a potent yet quiet motor that whirs rather than roars and can power its way through the toughest ingredients in seconds flat.

    It’s a touch on the high side price wise, but it’s undeniably a high-quality blender that’s built to last.

    13. Best Tiny House Sous Vide: Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro

    The ANOVA Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro is hands down one of the best, most powerful, and most versatile sous vide cookers available. If you’re not familiar with sous vide, it’s a cooking method that uses precisely temperature controlled water to perfectly prepare all range of foods.

    It’s one of the best and easiest ways to make perfect steaks, vegetables, and other delicious meals to tender perfection. The Anova Precision Cooker Pro is a potent sous vide device indeed, capable of cooking any recipe you’d want to prepare in a tiny home and doing so with straightforward and easy to program controls.

    In just seconds you can have your entree cooking to the perfect temperature and doneness without sacrificing stove or oven space. For a tiny house, a sou vide machine can save you space and hassle all while seriously leveling up your cooking game.

    14. Best Tiny House Composting Toilet: Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

    A composting toilet can be one of the most important appliances to pick up when outfitting a sustainable tiny home. They offer a way to safely and efficiently process waste while living off-grid.

    The Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is undeniably the one to beat. It’s thoughtfully designed, with features that make using and managing it far easier and offers a dependable waste solution for two or more adults over four to six weeks of use. 

    The Nature’s Head has an integral ventilation fan to pseed up the composting process and a liquid diverting tank. If you’re looking for the perfect composting toilet for your tiny home, look no further than the Nature’s Head.

    15. Best Tiny House Washing Machine: Magic Chef Top-Load Washer

    Everyone has to wash their clothes, whether they live in a traditional home, a tiny house, or a van. The Magic Chef Top-load Washer is a compact, high-efficiency washing machine designed specifically with small spaces in mind.

    It takes up significantly less space than most traditional washing machines and still does an excellent job cleaning and refreshing your clothes. It washes smaller loads than you might be used to with a larger washing machine and can help reduce your total water consumption from the laundry.

    16. Best Zero Power Tiny House Washing Machine: WonderWash Portable Washing Machine

    Looking to minimize the footprint of your tiny house laundry solution while maximizing power savings? Check out the innovative WonderWash Portable Washing Machine. 

    It’s a human powered washing cylinder about the size of a basketball that can effectively and efficiently clean small loads of laundry in just minutes. We were uncertain how well a hand turned washing machine would work, but after giving it a try we can say with confidence that the WonderWash really can get your clothes squeaky clean with results that rival those of traditional washing machines. 

    It’s a fantastic laundry option for tiny house dwellers living off-grid who need to watch every watt, those looking to avoid losing closet space to a traditional washing machine, or those who love the sustainability benefits the WonderWash provides. 

    17. Best Tiny House Air Purifier: Levoit Core 300 HEPA Air Purifier

    There are few things more important to health and happiness than the air we breathe. With pollution on the rise and extreme events like wildfires and windstorms creating widespread clouds of smoke and dust, it’s never been more essential to safeguard your families air.

    Enter the Levoit Core 300. It’s a compact yet powerful air purifier that uses advanced HEPA air filters certified to remove up to 99% of the most common (and dangerous) airborne pollutants. A single Core 300 is plenty powerful enough to purify the air inside a tiny house and offers one of the best ways to improve your families overall wellness. 

    Even better, the Levoit Core 300 won’t break the bank, either up front or with filter replacements. Levoit even offers a range of specialized filter cartridges that protect against focused threats such as wildfire smoke, pollution, and much more.

    Josh Davidson

    Josh Davidson

    Josh is a freelance writer and avid outdoorsman. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Political Science and has done his best since to live location-independent. He's been a firm supporter of the tiny movement, new homesteaders, and sustainable alternative living and used his knowledge of these topics to convert a 1999 Dodge Ram van to explore as much of Wild America as he could reach.