Best Wall Mounted Dish Racks for Tiny Home Kitchens

A well-organized kitchen is an essential element of a tiny house. Finding a way to efficiently dry and store dishes can become a chore when you’ve only got a few feet of counter space and even less available cabinet real estate.

One of the best solutions we’ve found for dishes in a tiny home are wall mounted dish racks. These hanging racks screw right into your wall and offer a great way to dry and store your dishes without losing valuable space. Today we’re digging into the features of hanging dish racks and reviewing the top 5 wall mounted dish racks for tiny homes.

Finding the best wall mounted dish rack doesn’t have to be a chore. Keep reading to learn more about the different options out there and to find out what features you should look for in high-quality hanging dish racks.

1. SupFirm Wall Mounted Dish Rack: Overall Best Tiny Home Wall Mounted Dish Rack – Link

SupFirm got the top spot on our list for a combination of quality, convenience, and customizability. The SupFirm dish drying rack system includes three different versions, each of which meets the needs of a different kind of tiny house.

You can choose from a one-tier, two-tier, or three-tier configuration. Having so many options makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your kitchen and minimize lost space.

The one-tier option offers some nice features we didn’t see on many similar racks. It’s designed to let you hang pans and pots underneath to dry without getting in the way of the counter beneath.

The construction and materials used on the SupFirm were both impressive. Too many dish racks we checked out ended up being made from flimsy metals with poorly designed attachment points. The SupFirm has the durability to last, which we appreciate since it’ll be in your kitchen for a while.

If you’re looking for the best wall mounted dish rack for a tiny home or other small kitchen space, the SupFirm Dish Racks are the way to go.


  • Number of Dish Tiers: One, Two, or Three
  • Attachment Method: Screws

Standalone Use Possible: No


  • Multiple tier options allows you to find the best solution for your kitchen space
  • Offers ample room for plates, bowls, cups, pots, and pans
  • Made from sturdy materials that last


  • Single-tier version is a little on the pricey side

2. Junyuan Kitchen Wall Mounted Hanging Dish Rack: Runner Up Best Tiny Home Wall Mounted Dish Rack – Link

The Junyuan hanging dish rack is an adjustable wall mounted dish rack great for use in tiny homes with more dishes. It’s available in two- and three-tier designs and incorporates some of the best features for a tiny home dish rack.

In the three-tier version, the Junyuan offers dedicated drying racks for plates, bowls, pots/pans, and silverware. It even has a set of hooks designed to hold cooking spoons, spatulas, and other larger utensils.

The Junyuan is made from stainless steel and uses an adjustable rack system that lets you raise or lower different tiers individually based on the size of your dishes. We really loved how easy it was to find the perfect space for our cups, bowls, and other dishes

One thing we noticed that we didn’t love was that the Junyuan only came with a single set of screws designed for high-strength walls such as concrete or wood. If you’re planning to mount it into drywall you’ll need to upgrade to longer drywall screws and, ideally try and find a stud to mount at least one into.

If you’re looking for a spacious, stylish, and easy-to-mount dish rack for your tiny home, the Junyuan Kitchen Wall Mounted Dish Rack is a solid pick.


  • Number of Dish Tiers: Two or Three
  • Attachment Method: Screw-in
  • Standalone Use Possible: No


  • Included drip tray prevents water from leaking out onto your counter
  • Adjustable trays allow you to find the perfect spacing for your dishes
  • Includes racks for both bowls and plates
  • Can be used for either drying and put-away or long-term dish storage
  • Stylish design turns your dishes into part of your kitchen decor


  • Included screws are shorter than we’d like, only really good for concrete or wood walls

3. Loyalfire Over Sink Drying Rack: Best Over the Sink Tiny Home Dish Rack – Link

The Loyalfire over sink drying rack is a great dish rack option for tiny house dwellers who can’t or don’t want to drill into their walls. It offers the same functionality as a wall mounted dish rack without the need for screws.

The Loyalfire is a two-tier design with a middle dish rack with slots for plates and bowls and an upper rack that can be used for pots and pans or as extra storage space. It’s built with an open bottom design so it fits right over your sink without getting in the way of your faucet.

One thing we love about the Loyalfire is how customizable it is. It expands out from a minimum width of just under 21 inches to a max of just under 38. That allows you to match the exact width of your sink and maximize available storage space.

The Loyalfire was one of the most accessible dish racks to get set up. It requires only basic assembly and doesn’t need any power tools to mount it to your wall.

Just about the only downside with the Loyalfire is its lack of a drip tray. You’ll either need to set it directly over your sink or get some kind of absorbent mat or similar to prevent water from building up on your countertops.

If you love the idea of a dish storage rack but don’t want to or can’t drill into your walls, the Loyalfire Over Sink Drying Rack is one of the best options out there.


  • Number of Dish Tiers: 2
  • Attachment Method: Freestanding
  • Standalone Use Possible: Yes


  • Freestanding design means you won’t have to drill into your walls
  • Offers substantial storage space for pots, pans, dishes, and anything else you need in your kitchen
  • Expands to fit your sink size


  • Lack of drip tray makes it harder to use anywhere other than over your sink

4. TQVAI Hanging Dish Rack: Best Value Tiny Home Wall Mounted Dish Rack – Link

If you’re looking purely for a way to dry your dishes that won’t take up counter space, the TQVAI Hanging Dish Rack is the way to go. It uses a two-part design with a single tier that can handle a reasonable amount of dishes for drying and then fold up flush with the wall when finished.

Installation was relatively simple compared to some of the racks we reviewed. The TQVAI uses a single stainless steel bar that mounts to your wall like a towel rack. The dish tray hangs off at an 85-degree angle to prevent your dishes from getting bumped or knocked off.

It’s one of the smallest hanging dish racks we reviewed and offers an excellent solution for those in tiny homes who only have a few sets of dishes and are okay drying pots and pans on the counter.

The included drip tray doubles as a support for the bottom of the dishes. Once they’re dry, you can remove the drip tray, drain it, and fold the whole rack up to keep it out of your way.

The TQVAI isn’t the prettiest or the highest-capacity dish rack by far, but it offers a solid solution for tiny house dwellers and others in small kitchens to dry their dishes without taking up counter space.


  • Number of Dish Tiers: One
  • Attachment Method: Screwed in Bar
  • Standalone Use Possible: No


  • Folding design takes up virtually no space when empty
  • Included drip tray keeps water off your counters
  • Has hooks for larger utensils
  • Great for very small spaces


  • Doesn’t have a dedicated spot for silverware
  • Not large enough to dry pots and pans

5. Junyuan Single-Tier Wall Mounted Dish Rack: Best Small-Capacity Tiny Home Hanging Dish Rack – Link

The Junyuan Single-Tier Wall Mounted Dish Rack is a good solution for those looking to dry a single meal or a single day’s worth of dishes. It’s a single-tier design capable of drying up to a dozen plates and bowls, plus silverware.

Junyuan designed the rack to be low profile and easy to install. It relies on two slide-on wall mount plates that screw into your wall and allow you to attach or remove the single dish tray as needed.

We loved that it allowed us to dry our dishes, then pop the rack off and put it away if we wanted to use that counter space for a more significant appliance or just didn’t want it in the way. It also came with a slide-out drip tray that helped keep water drops from falling onto your counter.

One thing to remember about the Junyuan is how tiny it is. It measures just 17.3 inches wide and 5.7 inches deep. If you frequently find yourself using more than two-four sets of dishes in a day it might be a good idea to consider a more spacious rack.

For those looking for the most minimal dish rack available, though, the Junyuan Single-Tier Hanging Dish Rack is an ideal solution.


  • Number of Dish Tiers: One
  • Attachment Method: Screws
  • Standalone Use Possible: No


  • Mounting system is easy to attach and allows you to remove the rack itself whenever you like
  • Perfectly sized for one to two people for one to two meals


  • Too small to hold pots and pans or other larger dishes
  • Not suitable for larger families or those who need to dry more than a dozen dishes regularly

Wall Mounted Dish Rack Buying Guide

Picking out the best wall mounted dish rack depends primarily on how many dishes you need to dry and what kind of space you’re working with. If it’s too large or too small for your needs most other features won’t matter.

Once you know what capacity you need you can consider design, style, materials/durability, and mounting options.

Dish Capacity

Dish capacity is determined by the number of trays on a rack and the number of dish slots per tray. Most dish racks we reviewed had either one or two tiers, with a few offering as many as three.

Within tiers the number of slots for dishes determines how many plates and similar dishes they can hold. If you’re drying pots, bowls, and other irregularly shaped dishes it will definitely cut down on space.

Most tiny homes don’t have a lot of dishes so a single-tier hanging dish rack works well.

Style and Purpose

Let’s face it, the most functional products aren’t always the most stylish. In a tiny home kitchen, you definitely don’t want to be forced to stare at a dish-drying solution that you actively hate to look at.

Most hanging dish racks we reviewed here use stainless steel construction with plastic or rubber accessories. Some are available in multiple colors, but most are either bright stainless or a shade of black/gray.

Consider your personal style when comparing the functionality of our top picks.

Another important consideration is how you intend to use your dish rack. If you only need to dry your dishes before putting them away a folding design that can rest flush against your wall is best. For those looking for a way to store their dishes long-term we recommend you go with a permanently deployed style.

Mounting Options

Some of the best hanging dish racks we reviewed could be mounted either directly to the wall with a screw or stand on their own on your counter. Single-tier racks most often had to be screwed into the wall, but many double or triple-tier dish racks had both mounting points and feet. The feet allow you to place it directly on your countertop or even over your sink.

If you’re planning to travel with your tiny home, wall mounting is recommended, but for those who tend to stay in one place for a while, having the option to place your dish rack on your counter is a significant value-add.

Water Management

Different dish racks deal with dripping water in different ways. Those designed to mount anywhere in your kitchen generally rely on a drip tray to catch stray water.

These are the most versatile but do introduce a design element that requires frequent upkeep for drainage. A subset of racks designed to mount over or next to your kitchen sink often go with a drainage spout or just open-bottomed racks that allow the water to drip into your sink.

Consider the configuration of your tiny home and where you’d prefer your dish rack to go before making a purchase.

Material and Construction

In our search for the best hanging dish racks for tiny homes, we found that nearly every hanging dish rack on the market uses stainless steel with potentially a few plastic parts. While testing durability, we noticed virtually no difference in the strength and quality of frames or individual dish trays.

There was, however, a significant difference between different models in the types of attachment points from the frame to your wall and the method the frame connected to the dish trays.

Look for racks with welded or screwed attachment points for maximum durability. Some cheaper models used riveted attachments that felt flimsy when we added extra weight on the tiers.

Fold-up wall mounted dish racks add an additional point of failure at the hinge. They’re great for drying plates, bowls, and silverware but often aren’t rated to hold the weight of larger (and heavier) pots and pans. We saw no problems with any of the fold-up dish racks we reviewed so long as they weren’t overloaded.


Most of the time when we bring up brands in a review it’s to point you in the direction of a few standout companies that make across-the-board quality products most of the time. For hanging dish racks we have to go down a somewhat different route for the simple reason that virtually no major brands make hanging dish racks.

We checked out the most popular and highly rated products available across numerous platforms and identified the individual models that offered the best mix of usability, durability, and value.

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