BougeRV 59-Quart Refrigerator/Freezer Review 2024

Going on a road trip, staying on a remote vacation spot or just looking for a small fridge for your (tiny) home? A small refrigerator and freezer converted into one can be a very good outcome. You can have it in your RV or tiny home and stash a week of food in it. My name is Ids and I’m reviewing the Bouge RV 59 Quart Portable Car Refrigerator/Freezer. No ice is needed, and electricity usage is very low. Sounds interesting? Read further!

BougeRV 59-Quart Refrigerator/Freezer

In this review, the 59-quart portable car refrigerator/freezer by BougeRV has been covered. It is a refrigerator and freezer converted into one product and can do both things at the same time for you! 

This is ideal if you’re living in an RV, a tiny home, or if you’re going on a road trip. One whole week of food can be stored in this unit. 

The product can be powered by four different kinds of sources, including cars. It has special battery protection so it will not drown the battery of your vehicle. 

With its LED display it is easy to control and moreover it is a real energy efficient machine. You don’t have to use any ice because it freezes by itself, which saves money, space and doesn’t affect the food. 

The product is energy saving thanks to the different modes and the intelligent cycle work. More interesting features and details can be found in this blog!

What is the BougeRV 59 Qt Freezer/Refrigerator Work?

The BougeRV is a freezer and refrigerator at the same time. It consists of two compartments: a freezing zone and a refrigeration zone. The freezing zone offers 40 liters capacity the larger compartment where you can freeze food, and the refrigeration zone has a capacity of 10 liters where you can save some fresh dairy, veggies or even cold beers. 

The device offers a temperature range from -4℉ to 50℉ (-20 to 10 in Celsius). A big pro of this fridgeis that it doesn’t need ice, saving you time and money. 

The dimensions of the product are 13.39 inches deep, 22.44 inches wide, and a height of 19.69 inches. This makes it ideal for an RV or tiny house. A week of food can be saved in it while taking up very little space. 

The freezer weighs 43 pounds when it’s empty. When it’s filled with food it can be hard to carry but left in one place this shouldn’t be a problem. 

The product has a CE and FCC-certified two-year warranty. The package includes a removable basket, AC and DC power cord, and a user manual. The product doesn’t use much energy at all. It has different modes, which all use different amounts of energy. 

Yet, when running on MAX mode it still consumes way less than 1kwh per day, thanks to its intelligent cycle work. 

How does it work? 

The freezer can function on different power sources. First of all, it can be used by a 110/-240V AC power source, just a standard power outlet. You can also plug it into a car with the 12/24V DC power outlet, which is found in most cars and trucks. 

It can even work on a solar system. If you are not able to plug into one of these options, you can always use a power station or backup battery. 

BougeRV also sells emergency batteries separately. A 3-level battery monitor is equipped with the freezer, so it will not drain the batteries in your car. 

The fact that it can freeze itself, is very beneficial. You don’t have to buy ice, which will eventually melt and not be as cold anymore which will result to spoiling food. This saves money from buying ice and food. 

The product is very energy efficient as well and easy to use. It has a LED display and touch control. If you want to adjust the temperature as quick as possible, you can choose the MAX mode. It only takes an hour to bring the temperature from 77℉ to -4℉ within only an hour. Once the preferred temperature is reached, you can switch to the ECO mode. 

It will then only use 45W and it will be quieter as well. You can even turn the device off and thanks to the 35mm thick insulation, your food will be kept cold for a long time after the freezer is shut down. 

Another interesting feature of the freezer is the anti-shaking system. This system is especially interesting for those who use it for travel purposes. Compressor technology is installed in the freezer which allows you to drive on bumpy roads, while your freezer can still do his job. BougeRV did a good job on the details as well. 

An interior LED has been placed so when it’s dark, you can still find the items you need. There are two elastic handles attached to the freezer that are convenient for transport and space-saving storage. 


  • Four different power inlets
  • Battery protection
  • LED display & Touch Control
  • Both freezer and refrigerator 
  • Anti-shaking technology

Pros and cons


  • No ice needed
  • Energy saving
  • Different cooling modes
  • Space for one week of food
  • Perfect for roadtrips


  • Protective cover not included
  • Only to be opened from above

BougeRV Fridge/Freezer Alternatives

If you want a smaller version of this product, two more options could be interesting for you. These are practically the exact same product but with less capacity. 

There are both 42-quart and 34-quart versions. The 42-quart version has a freezing capacity of 35 liters and a refrigerating capacity of 5 liters.

The 32-quart model is even more compact than the other models.

Apart from BougeRV, many other brands sell portable freezers. Alpicool has a comparable 42-quart model which is slightly cheaper than the one from BougeRV. One major downside is that t doesn’t have separate spaces for refrigerating and freezing. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, check out our full category review on 12V refrigerators and our list of the top 5 best thermoelectric coolers for tiny homes.

BougeRV Final Thoughts

Personally, I would definitely recommend this device. It has enough space to store food for a week and can offer usable and reliable freezer space. The BougeRV 59-Quart is ideal for road trips, RVs, and tiny homes 

Next to the four different power inlets, the BougeRV has more interesting features. It has 3-stage car battery protection that ensures it won’t fully drain your car’s battery. It’s also very energy efficient and the inside can even be kept cool for a long time when you unplug the device. Thanks to its LED display and Touch Control it is easy to set the right temperatures and the anti-shaking mechanism makes it a good choice for when you’re driving off-road sections or steep inclines. Altogether, a really good choice for your camping trip, RV, or tiny home!


Can I plug this directly into a solar battery with controller without an inverter? 

Yes, this is possible. 

Can I switch the freezer temperature and the refrigerating temperature so I have a bigger space for refrigerating? 

No, this isn’t possible. There are other products that might suit your needs better.  

Can I buy a spare AC or DC power cord? 

Yes, these are both available. 

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