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5 Most Popular Hobbies For People Living In Tiny Houses

5 most popular hobbies for people living in tiny houses Living in a tiny house seems like a dream come true. But what do people living in a tiny house do as a pastime, and how do they pursue their passions in the limited space that they have at their disposal? Arnold from The Netherlands …

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Five reasons for going off the grid in Nicaragua

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, more and more people have started to flock to Nicaragua, seeking more freedom and alternative ways of living. Now, what exactly does Nicaragua have to offer that makes it such an ideal place for going off the grid? Read below about the possibilities that this hidden gem has …

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Perks of a Tiny House Community

Today, more and more tiny home dwellers around the globe are taking initiative to create neighborhoods that can accommodate the sustainable lifestyle. As society becomes increasingly aware of the fulfilling life that is available in regenerative small decentralized neighborhoods, it’s no surprise that so many tiny house communities are popping up all over.  This article …

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What are the 6 different types of tiny homes?

tiny homes have captured the collective imagination and become a symbol of a sustainable and financially free lifestyle that many thought would forever be unavailable to them. Those who’ve just stumbled upon the tiny life and want to know more are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of tiny home types out there. We put …

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tiny home journey

The Story Behind Journey, the Tiny Home

This is the story behind Journey, the Tiny Home, and one of the only books out there for children, regarding tiny home renovation.

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Why Live in a Tiny House Community? [A Tribute To Tony Hsieh]

In commemoration of Tony Hsieh’s legacy, we bring to you an insider’s look into what inspires the vibrant community members of Llamalopolis (an alternative tiny home & Airstream community he built).

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What Living Off the Grid is Like, A True Story

Read Carol's story about transitioning from corporate america to the off-grid dream.

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my tiny life journey

My Tiny Life Journey & the Lessons I Learned Along the Way

Read Ame's story about living off-grid in Kentucky where she teaches classes in green building, organic gardening, Native American spirituality and wildlife conservation.

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omer miller my off grid story

Omer Miller: How Living Off The Grid Changed My Life

Read Omer's amazing story about living completely off grid for a year.

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Looking For A Tiny Home Community? 10 Communities You Will Want To Join

Click to read your guide to picking out the perfect tiny home community for your needs and a list of ten amazing tiny communities.

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