Perks of a Tiny House Community

Today, more and more tiny home dwellers around the globe are taking initiative to create neighborhoods that can accommodate the sustainable lifestyle. As society becomes increasingly aware of the fulfilling life that is available in regenerative small decentralized neighborhoods, it’s no surprise that so many tiny house communities are popping up all over. 

This article is going to dive into all the intriguing advantages that a tiny house community has to offer. So, if you’re not quite sold yet on whether a tiny home is for you, you might just change your mind today by learning about the perks that a community of tiny living provides.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in the tiny house world. The variety of villages and communities around the globe cater to all kinds of different people and lifestyles. But they come together with some overarching principles that have made them so appealing and popular to progressively more people. 

The three main perks of a tiny house community that this blog post will be focusing on are: 

  • Freedom and Stability
  • Unified Community
  • Sustainable + Regenerative Living

Freedom of Stability 

In our society, owning a home has become too expensive for most to attain without taking out colossal loans from the bank. And even then, you’ll be paying off a mortgage for decades to come. Meaning? less time and energy to spend on your own interests or hobbies. In general, the goal of many tiny house communities is to enable permanently affordable housing.

To effectively bridge the gap for more and more people towards owning a cost-effective house. As a result, awarding you more time on your hands to dedicate to your true desires. 

Moreover, increasing amounts of communities such as Square One Villages are doing their best to provide housing for the homeless across the country. The vision of such districts is to create a world where everyone can harmoniously live with dignity in a stable, inclusive and sustainable home. 

The variety of tiny house community projects means that no two are alike and each will cater to different needs. They can greatly differ in how the neighborhoods are designed and what they offer. Some may provide plots of land on which to build your own tiny house or to set up a tiny house on wheels or RV.

Others will hire architects or contractors to pre-build tiny homes for purchase, like Incredible Tiny Homes in Tennessee. Some communities provide shared facilities and areas for all residents, others won’t. It’s useful to understand what you are specifically looking for in a tiny house community and what your main desires and ambitions include. 

There are multitudes of communities emerging, and with a little bit of research, if you’re serious about reaching security in your living situation, the right one for you will appear. Put simply, the stability and freedom that comes with finally owning a small piece of land and a fully paid off home in today’s world, is invaluable. 

Unified Community

A massive perk of living in a tiny house community is hiding right in plain sight: Community! A tiny house community often scouts out like-minded folks who are keen to get involved as democratic and active residents. Generally, this will result in the coming together of a harmonious bunch of people, tied together by their shared mission to create a strong and sustaining ecosystem.

Tiny House Community Bristol, in the UK, for example, has been in the process of building up its community with a very clear vision. 

An inclusive tiny house community will often offer, and likely encourage, residents the opportunity to come up with collaborative initiatives. Such as, organizing permaculture farms for the community, designing greenhouses, building communal kitchens run by volunteer residents or a multi-purpose space for co-working, workshops, and events, a library, gym among many other possibilities. 

Opportunities for learning and growth easily come to life within a tiny house community. Everyone’s skills are given the chance to purposefully be brought to life if desired. Strong communities of tiny homes are being created by groups of people working together to build and design a unique living standard. 

Sustainable + Regenerative Living

Predominantly, tiny house communities are self-sustaining and strive for regenerative housing and land for their residents. Overall, people who have jumped on board the tiny house movement hold a strong desire to live in a self-sustaining, regenerative way. Honoring the precious relationship with nature and striving to make it a more balanced one. 

A few main areas of focus within communities to create shifts towards sustainable living are agriculture, resource sharing, and renewable energy. 

At the heart of regenerative agriculture, is the notion of protecting and restoring soils, by reversing degradation from traditional farming due to reliance on chemical inputs. In society today, agricultural land across the globe is decreasing returns for farmers for this very reason. That’s why within many tiny house communities is the desire to tend to the land, create a rich thriving environment from which to fully live from. 

Resource sharing is a solution that many tiny house communities have adopted to decrease their ecological footprint in the area of power consumption. Communal spaces are frequently present which are shared among all residents. For instance, rather than each household having its own washing machine and laundry facilities, communal laundry areas may be arranged within the public space.

In most cases, people who have ventured into the tiny house world are already seeking different standards of fulfillment outside the status quo. As a result, it is often the aim of many tiny house builders to create a home that is as self-reliant as possible.

Often depending on solar energy to power the home, collecting rainwater for all running water in the house, and even integrating compostable toilet solutions. 

In Closing

The beauty of each village of tiny homes really lies in how unique personal each project is. Every community you will come across offers completely different amenities and a unique vision.

Overall, a tiny house community may offer some convincing perks if you desire to live with the freedom of stability, be part of a unified community and live in a sustainable and regenerative fashion.