The Ultimate Getaway House Review (And Why It Might Not Be Right For You)

getaway house review

We live in a time of constant contact.

If you aren’t on your computer, you’re reachable by text, email, or phone. 

As more and more of us work from home, figuring out how to truly disconnect and experience real relaxation is becoming harder and harder.

Enter Getaway, a company dedicated to providing a way for people to get away from it all entirely and be unreachable for a short period of total relaxation.

In this article, I go over what Getaway is, why it’s awesome, and the top Getaway destinations for you to take some much-needed relaxation time to disconnect, reflect, and enjoy the simple things. 

What is Getaway House? (Hint Hint: It’s More Than Just A Hotel) 

Getaway is a rapidly growing short-term rental startup specializing in quick getaways to help you relax and reenergize. They set up hundreds of gorgeous tiny home cabins across the country in scenic natural settings.

They take a different approach to R & R, focusing on disconnecting from modern stressors and distractions and helping you get back in touch with nature. It’s basically glamping taken to the next level, with every amenity provided and all the essentials of a good time available.

How is Getaway Different from _____?

Airbnb, VRBO, Homestay, Flipkey, the list of ‘disruptive’ travel and hotelier startups and apps goes on and on. If you think that Getaway is just another niche travel platform, you’d be very wrong.

To start with, Getaway doesn’t act as a platform for property owners to list their homes and cabins. 

They own every cabin in every location and carefully control the entire process. It allows them to create a much more consistently excellent experience with a standard of quality that something like Airbnb just can’t achieve.

That means that every Getaway House offers the same amenities, the same high standard of hospitality, and the same check-in process. It also means you won’t arrive at your ‘rustic mountain cabin’ to discover that you were bait-and-switched into a room at a massive, crowded lodge (looking at you travel booking platforms).

Who Getaway isn’t Right For

Getaway isn’t for everyone. By far the biggest surprise for most is that Getaway doesn’t provide WiFi, TV, or other ‘modern’ entertainment options. They stress the benefits of disconnecting and getting away from it all to reconnect with nature and yourself.

That’s great if you’re looking for a few days of quiet reflection and meditation, but probably wouldn’t be quite so attractive if you’ve got hyperactive kids who’ll lose their minds if you try to take their phones for a weekend. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to work remotely, it also isn’t the best option. The lack of WiFi and minimal cell reception is a major stumbling block for modern productivity.

If you’re an intensely social person, Getaway doesn’t really fly. The whole point of Getaway outposts is to provide a space to experience nature, yourself, and to completely get away from society if you so desire.

Most people wouldn’t be too enthused if you walked over and tried to strike up a conversation.

Who Getaway is Right For (& Why I Absolutely LOVE It)

Getaway is a carefully curated experience for those looking to destress, disconnect, and get back in touch with themselves, their partner, and nature.

All Getaway tiny cabins are located in gorgeous natural settings specifically chosen to be a getaway from civilization.

What helps set Getaway apart from standard cabin rentals is the total lushness of the experience. They’ve honestly thought of everything, with each getaway cabin containing all the essentials you need to have a comfortable and relaxing stay. 

This isn’t roughing it, with every cabin provided with showers, plush queen size beds, full stovetop cooking, and a private fire pit to enjoy the great outdoors in an intimate setting.

They’re also a great way to experience the tiny life for a weekend or longer if you’re curious about what life in a tiny space is like.

Getting away is the real goal. Not only do they lack WiFi, they even offer a phone locker that lets you seal away distractions to truly experience nature.

What to Expect on your Pristine Nature Getaway In The Woods

Each of their Getaway outposts offers everything you need to get away from the pressures and distractions of modern life and enjoy a peaceful, energizing break. 

They currently have two options: a two-person 140 sq ft cabin and a four-person 200 sq ft cabin. Both are designed and built in an stunning modern rustic style with eastern white pine and large picture windows behind the plush beds.

They all come with standard amenities such as cookware, salt, pepper, and olive oil, plus the essentials like bedding, a private bathroom, and a hot shower. 

Every Getaway House Cabin also offers a private fire pit with a grill to allow you to live out your caveman fantasies of cooking out over an open fire, without actually having to ‘rough it’.

Getaway From it All in Cities Like:

Getaway House Atlanta 

Location: Suches, GA

Drive Time from City: 2 Hours

Getaway Atlanta

Located in the gorgeous North Georgia Mountains, Suches offers spectacular views and world-class hiking. Your cabin is nestled near scenic Grizzle Creek and is just a short drive away from the start of the Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain.

Getaway House Austin + San Antonio 

Location: Wemberly, TX

Drive Time from Austin: 60 Minutes

Drive Time from San Antonio: 90 Minutes

Getaway Austin + San Antonio

Deep in the Texas Hill Country, Getaway Austin + San Antonio is a scenic outpost of 60 cabins perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Each cabin is secluded enough for privacy but still close enough to your neighbors, so you don’t feel totally alone. The area boasts a winery, gorgeous blue water natural swimming holes, and access to a range of refreshing hikes.

Getaway House Boston 

Location: Epsom, NH

Drive Time from City: 90 Minutes

Getaway Boston

Epsom is located in the south of New Hampshire and offers gorgeous mountain views, scenic hikes, delicious local restaurants, and even a brewery. It has 43 cabins available for groups of two or four and is just a short drive away from Boston.

Getaway House Charlotte + Raleigh 

Location: Asheboro, NC

Drive Time from City: 90 Minutes

Getaway Charlotte + Raleigh

Asheboro is east to the Appalachians but still offers stunning rolling hill scenery in the remains of the ancient Uwharrie Mountains. The 32 cabins in the Getaway outpost here provide rest and relaxation and access to the North Carolina Zoo, local restaurants, and excellent hiking opportunities.

Getaway House Dallas 

Location: Larue, TX

Drive Time from City: 90 Minutes

Getaway Dallas

Larue is a cute little town out in East TX that’s secluded and peaceful, yet surprisingly filled with things to do. You can switch from relaxing beside the cabin to zip-lining through the trees, fishing or boating on Cedar Creek Lake, or enjoying several dog-friendly hikes nearby.

Getaway House Houston 

Location: Navasota, TX

Drive Time from City: 1 Hour

Getaway Houston

Just an hour’s drive from downtown Houston, the Navasota outpost offers 46 cabins in a beautifully rustic setting. It also gives you access to some of the best recreation available in and around Houston, including the 115+-year-old Blue Bell Creamery, Lake Conroe, and a wide range of local restaurants.

Getaway House Los Angeles 

Location: Running Springs, CA

Drive Time from City: 2 Hours

Getaway Los Angeles

It takes a bit to get out of LA proper, but once you’ve arrived at Getaway Running Springs, you can see that it’s worth it. 40 cabins nestled among wooded hills give you peaceful relaxation plus a range of available recreation opportunities. Even better, A local grocery store and sandwich shop is located just five minutes from the front gate.

Getaway House New York 

Location: Catskills West & East, NY

Drive Time from City: 2 Hours

Getaway New York

NYC is a larger than life city, so it’s only right that you’ve got the option of not one but two Getaway locations. You can choose between the East or West Catskill mountains, with beautiful views, outdoor recreation opportunities, and the perfect setting to relax and recharge.

Getaway House Pittsburgh + Cleveland 

Location: Lisbon, OH

Drive Time from Pittsburgh: 45 Minutes

Drive Time from Cleveland: 90 Minutes

Getaway Beaver Creek is one of the most gorgeous settings for any Getaway outpost. The cabins are on a small peninsula surrounded by the bubbling Beaver Creek. It offers gorgeous views, restaurants, wineries, and plenty of other recreation opportunities.

Getaway House Portland 

Location: Glenwood, WA

Drive Time from City: 2 Hours

Getaway Portland
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The Glenwood outpost is one of the more secluded and rustic of Getaway’s locations. It’s a reasonable drive from Portland but offers an incredible place to turn off, tune out, and just zen.

Getaway House Washington D.C.

Location: Stanardsville, VA

Drive Time from City: 2 Hours

Getaway Washington D.C.

If D.C. has you down, there are few better places to rest and relax than the D.C. outpost. It has a gorgeous nature trail snaking through the cabins and is just a short drive away from Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.

Final Thoughts

Getaway offers a unique opportunity to escape from modern distractions and get in touch with your wild side. Whether that means communing silently with nature or trying out local delicacies, Getaway has a scenic outpost ready to be your base point.

Ready to Getaway from it all?

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