Three Best Wood Stoves With Ovens for Tiny Houses

Picture this: you are enjoying a Pinterest-perfect winter next to a crackling wood stove in your tiny house. Add an oven with some baking bread, and you’ve taken the cozy factor off the charts! It might sound too good to be true, but you can buy a wood stove with an oven component, and we’re here to tell you about our top picks for tiny homes!

StoveBTUsHeating CapacitySizeWeightPriceClearances
Dwarf 5kw Cookstove Combo17k< 500 square feetH: 22”
W: 14”
D: 11”
150 lbs.$1,52518” rear
16” sides
Nectre 35030k – 39k500 – 1500 square feetH: 32.63”
W: 26.63”
D: 22.25”
485 lbs.$4,600Back: 10”
Side: 12”
Back of Flue: 12.5”
Side of Flue: 22.5”
Drolet Bistro Wood Burning Cookstove75k1500 square feet
*Users report heat shields reduce to 400 sq. feet.
H: 42”
W: 27”
D: 26.4”
562 lbs.$2,500Back: 15”
Side: 15”
Front: 36”
*Based on USA standards and single pipe installation
Turkish Cast Iron Wood StoveUp to 16kUp to 800 square feet 
H: 40”
W: 20.5”
D: 16.53”
243 lbs.$2080
*Free Shipping to the USA
Not Specified

This chart is the short version, but if you still have questions, stick around because we’ve done the research, and we’re here to break it all down. Keep reading to find out which wood stove (with an oven!) is right for your small-space dwelling!

Why We Love Wood Stoves (& Things to Consider)

We’ve already painted a picture of how dreamy they can be, but did you know that wood stoves are also a practical addition to a tiny home?

Tiny houses and other small-space dwellings often struggle with humidity issues. Fortunately, nothing keeps a space dry quite like a roaring fire in a tiny wood stove.

Wood stoves make an excellent secondary heat source. Of course, they can be used as one’s only heat source, but they are particularly valuable when installed as an additional option. If you’re looking to buy a tiny house, you should know that a secondary heat source is valuable for two reasons.

First, nothing turns a dreamy tiny house life upside-down faster than no electricity. We hope you never suffer a storm, but the reality is that most of us occasionally lose power. And during these instances, you’ll want to have a secondary heat source to cook food and keep warm.

Second, a wood stove could increase the resale value of your tiny home. Not only will you be able to offer buyers a heating option independent of the grid, but you will also be able to market your home to buyers in a wider variety of climates. More buyers = more competition, and more competition = higher market value.

Alright, now that we’ve told you about the benefits of wood stoves, we want to include three notes of caution as they relate to tiny homes.

One, you’ll want to ensure that adding a wood stove to your tiny home doesn’t void your insurance policy. Some of the options on our list (the Nectre 350 and the Drolet Bistro) are advertised as mobile-home-approved, but even though tiny houses are mobile, they are built to different standards than traditional mobile homes. So be sure to check with your insurance agent before you cut a hole for a fireplace flue in your tiny ceiling.

Two, remember that with tiny homes on wheels, you always need to pay attention to weight. Wood stoves can be heavy, especially wood stoves with ovens! So make sure you buy one that doesn’t put too much strain on your chassis.

Three, please use this BTU calculator to get a solid idea of how many BTUs your tiny house can handle. A tiny pizza oven is cute. (But eating pizza in a tiny sauna might be weird!) Certain things can be done to adjust the amount of heat a stove puts out (like using heat shields), but just think through the specifics of your situation so you don’t buy something overly powerful.

With those things out of the way, are you ready to hear why we chose these wood stoves with ovens as our top tiny house picks?

1. Dwarf 5kw Cookstove Combo

The Dwarf 5kw is one of the smallest wood stoves on the market, meaning it’s perfect for tiny houses or small cabins. It can be used as a standalone heating unit or as an accessory for other heating sources such as gas, electric, or pellet stoves. The stove has a heat output of 5 kilowatts and it’s built from steel. It has an external air supply that provides combustion air to the firebox and it has a glass viewing window so you can see how your fire burns.

The stove comes with legs so it can be placed on the ground or elevated by using a platform or stand. It also comes with a chimney extension for those who want to use it with an existing chimney system in their home and there are three different models available: choice of black, silver, or brown finish.

The Dwarf 5kw stove has an oven extension, making it the perfect wood stove oven for small spaces.

2. Nectre 350

Nectre 350 wood stove with oven

The Nectre 350 is not the cheapest model, but it is our favorite small wood stove with an oven out there.

If you live in the United States and have been trying to buy a wood stove for your tiny house, chances are you’ve found some options that are just perfect- until you learn that they are only available through distributors who don’t sell to your home country.

The Nectre brand originated in Australia, but we spoke with one of their distributors, who assured us that the Nectre 350 is available in the USA. You will even get free shipping on all orders over $99 when you go through the vendor linked in this article!

But before you think that the fact the Nectre 350 is merely available makes it a top pick, let us tell you what makes it so special. 

Above all, we love that this stove gives you multiple cooking options. Of course, there is the coveted oven, but there is also a cooktop. It even includes removable rings for flame-to-kettle contact. 

We’re not crazy about the built-in thermometer on the Nectre 350, but we kind of don’t care because this wood stove comes with a ten-year warranty. It also comes with two removable wire racks and an adjustable bypass that allows you to control the heat by changing the amount of air in the firebox.

nectre 350 wood stove with oven

Speaking of heat, you should know that cooking and heating a home are two different goals, so a wood stove isn’t necessarily good at both. Because the Nectre is a cooking stove, it won’t be quite as good at heating a large home, but that actually works out in your favor. Didn’t you say you wanted to buy a tiny house?

3. Drolet Bistro Wood Burning Cookstove

drolet bistro wood stove with oven

Did you see the BTUs on this thing? It might seem overly powerful for a tiny home, but users report that heat shields go a long way in toning down the heat. If you aren’t doing hot yoga while baking cookies, you may want to consider a heat shield if you live in a tiny home.

The Drolet Bistro has many great qualities, but one we can’t get out of our heads is that you can fit 20” logs in the firebox. This is great because 18-20” is a common length for pre-cut logs. And you don’t want to pay for the convenience of pre-cut longs and then have to cut them again when you get home.

We were excited about the Nectre 350’s ten-year warranty, but get this- the Drolet Bistro Wood Burning Cookstove has a limited lifetime warranty. So you can make chicken casserole in your tiny home for all eternity.

At 575 pounds, the Drolet Bistro is the heaviest wood stove on our list, though. So if you are pushing the limits on what your chassis can support, you’ll want to think carefully about this one. If you have the pounds to spare, however, this is one stove/oven combo that is worth its weight in gold.

4. Turkish Cast Iron Wood Stove

Turkish Cast Iron Wood Stove with Oven

OK, full disclosure, we felt a little iffy about buying a wood stove on Etsy, but this Turkish Cast Iron Wood Stove made our list for so many reasons.

First of all, the seller has rave reviews. The reviews mention excellent communication, speedy delivery, good customer service, no issues shipping to the United States, and, best of all, a well-crafted product.

This Turkish Cast Iron Wood Stove is significantly lighter than the others on the list. So if weight is a concern, it could be your best bet. In addition to being the lightest wood stove on our list, this one is also the most affordable.

You might be thinking that it’s not expensive until you pay for shipping from Turkey (where the stove originates), but actually, shipping is free- to the USA, anyway.

We really wish this wood stove had a cooktop, but hey, we’ll take a good oven. Especially one as quintessentially beautiful as this one!

Buying Guide

Now that you’ve gotten an overview of the options, how do you know which wood stove with an oven is right for you?

Well, let’s start by considering your tiny home. If your tiny home is a true tiny house (four hundred square feet or less), You’ll want to focus on heat output and size/clearances. 

Heat Output

We included the BTUs for those who like to look at specs, but remember that Nectre 350 has an adjustable bypass for heat control and that you can use the Drolet Bistro with a heat shield to cut down on the output.


The size of anything is important to consider in a tiny home, but when it comes to wood stoves, you’ll want to think about more than just the size of the unit. Clearance refers to the distance your wood stove must be from walls or other combustibles (things that catch on fire), so be sure to account for that space as well.

Finally, there is weight and price to consider. If either is your primary concern, the Dwarf 5kw Cookstove Combo can’t be beat! 

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? If you are a culinary master who just happens to reside in a tiny home, you need a wood stove with an oven ASAP! Oh, and when it arrives, can we come over for dinner? We have it on good authority that any of the ovens on this list make a mean lasagna, which is our favorite. Please?!



Alaska is a writer and tiny home dweller from the great state of Colorado! She believes in value-based living and in the power of tiny house magic.
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