The Best Tiny Home Builders In Your State [Updated 2024]

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C houses are big news right now.

After all, with wages down, rent up, and student loan balances at an all-time high, it’s easy to see the appeal of a lovely and affordable tiny space to call your own.

While DIYing your tiny home is always an option, not everyone has the time or the skillset to build a home from the ground, or trailer in this case, up.

Tiny house builders have sprung up all over the country to offer their expertise and knowledge so you can watch your perfect tiny home go from a dream to a reality.

With that in mind, we put together a list of tiny house builders in every state to help you find the best one for your local needs.

Beginning Your Search for a Tiny House Builder

One of the most common questions I hear people ask at tiny living meetups and events is how to pick out and vette a tiny home builder. The process is a lot like picking out a regular contractor, but with some tiny specific twists.

The first thing I recommend you do is to figure out what style of tiny home you want. Tiny homes are almost endlessly customizable both in form and layout, you want to make sure any builder you’re approaching matches your aesthetic.

Once you’ve narrowed it down a bit you’re ready to start checking out the builder’s craftsmanship and reputation.

Here’s a checklist of basic questions you should ask your tiny house builder

  • How long have you been working in the construction trades, and how long specifically have you been making tiny homes?
  • How many tiny homes have you built before?
  • Do you have any finished products we can tour/inspect?
  • What kind of certifications do they offer for their homes? Common ones to look for are NFPA 5000, IBC 302.1, and RVIA certification.
  • Do you offer specific floor plans/layouts or are they willing to build to a set of plans you’ve created?
  • Do they have a backlog of orders and how long will it take to complete your home?
  • How many projects does the builder work on at once, and do they use subcontractors for any part of the work?
  • Do they provide you with a detailed materials list, including average local costs?
  • How would they feel about having a building inspector check out the work after framing, and at completion, with final payment contingent upon the results of the inspection?

Tiny Home Codes and Building Certifications

It’s pretty much impossible for a tiny home on wheels to conform to standard building codes. Most reputable builders will do their best to meet the standards laid out under NFPA 5000 and IBC Section 302.1.

These relate to fire safety and basic building codes. You won’t be able to get a permit for a tiny home, but you will know that your home is safe in the event of a fire.

You can also go the route of getting a tiny home on wheels built to RVIA standards. These govern recreational vehicles and are popular among tiny dwellers because RVIA certified tiny homes are more likely to be accepted in traditional RV and manufactured home communities.

NOAH certification is also a nice thing to have. NOAH is the National Association of Alternative Housing. They provide a set of guidelines for builders to follow when building tiny homes. Like the RVIA certification having a NOAH certified tiny house makes it easier to gain admission to resorts, campgrounds, and other commercial areas.

Why It’s Important To Ask for Builder References and Testimonials

The most basic vetting you should do for any builder is to ask for references and testimonials. If they’re good at what they do they’ll be delighted to connect you with past clients.

A lot of the time it’s as easy as checking a tiny home builder’s website. Many offer pictures of past homes and a basic explanation of the features and custom touches they put in place.

In my experience, if any contractor seems hesitant to provide references it’s a major red flag.

Tiny Home Builders Pricing, Financing, and Payment

Always, always, always get a full bid in writing. You want to see exactly how they intend to build your tiny home and their firm estimate on the cost.


If you’ve never read a contractor’s bid before, there’s a great resource here that can help you figure it out line by line. This makes it easy to compare the total cost of one tiny home builder to another.

You want a full breakdown of materials costs, labor, taxes, fees, permitting, etc. This doesn’t guarantee there won’t be price overruns, but it will make it a lot easier to compare multiple builders and hold your chosen one to your budget.


Financing is a sticky subject for potential tiny dwellers. Unless your tiny home is built up to standard building code on a foundation it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get a traditional mortgage.

If your builder is RVIA certified you may qualify for an RV loan. The majority of banks and credit unions have an RV financing department that can help.

The final option is to take out a personal loan. A couple of things to keep in mind is that these often have higher rates and shorter repayment periods than other types of loan. If you don’t have excellent credit it may be difficult to get a personal loan in the amount needed for a tiny home.

Not sure what a tiny home should cost? I’ve gone over the high points of pricing out a tiny home here. It includes the basics of tiny home costs and ways you can help reduce the final price.

Set Up a Payment Schedule

If this is your first time working with a contractor you’re probably not familiar with a payment schedule. In short, you pay a deposit and materials fee to your contractor at the beginning and release additional funds as the project reaches specific milestones.

Commonly used milestones for tiny homes are the purchase of initial materials including the trailer, framing and dry-in, and completion. This protects you from delays and gives you additional leverage if there are any problems along the way.

I’ve unfortunately seen many people end up in a situation where they pay in full at the beginning of a project and are then stuck when issues with the contractor come up.

Be excited about your tiny journey, but always build protections into your plans.

Meet Your Tiny House Builder in Person

Because many tiny homes on wheels are mobile you may be tempted to use a highly rated out of state tiny home builder without meeting them.

Don’t do it.

I’ve made the mistake before of ordering work done without meeting the builder in person and it’s never a great choice. You want to sit down with a builder and have a full consultation, preferably several.

Having a custom home built is a major investment. You have to go over everything from the exterior styling, interior layout, plumbing, toilet options, delivery costs, and so many more.

I always like to use meetings like this as an opportunity to tour the builder’s facilities and get a ‘feel’ for their operations. I won’t say that a total layman will be able to pick out everything that might be wrong with a building site, but if you just don’t feel right you should probably look elsewhere for a builder.

Get Everything in Writing

I can’t stress enough how important having a contract is when working with a tiny house builder. A custom home is a major investment, you want an iron-clad agreement that includes deadlines for specific completion points, exact specifications for what you want, and a payment schedule based on progress.

In a perfect world, you’ll never need to reference the contract, but it’s always important that you have one. Just the act of creating a contract can help you and the builder better understand each other’s expectations and clear up any misunderstandings before they become problems.

Know Your Local Zoning Laws Before Going Any Further

One of the biggest problems for those who want to live in a tiny home full-time is finding out that local ordinances do not allow you to live in your tiny house where you’ve planned to park it.

Many cities do not allow for dwellings under 400 square feet in size. This automatically causes issues. Other cities don’t allow anyone to live in a home on wheels and view tiny houses as campers. Most cities don’t allow people to live in a camper.

Some municipalities simply don’t know how to treat tiny houses because they are relatively new. Ordinances and code enforcement just haven’t caught up to the regulation. Some states and cities have taken steps to make special rules concerning tiny houses.

You could be required to install septic systems, even if you have a composting toilet. You may have to affix your tiny to a permanent foundation in other locations. It will vary from city to city, county to county, and state to state. The onus is on you to check before you invest and know precisely what the rules are and if waivers are possible or not. Some people have sadly found that after years of trying, they’ve been unsuccessful.

Don’t let that dissuade you. Some many cities and states welcome tiny homes. The question becomes whether this is where you want to live.

Alabama Tiny House Builders

Alabama has a lot of beautiful countryside including mountains in the north and a Gulf Coast beach area in the south. Tiny home builders in Alabama focus on the needs of a warm, wet climate with significant rainfall. Local builders know how to maximize cooling, comfort, and resistance to things like surface moss and mildew.

ALTinyHomes – Mount Olive, Al

TimberCraft Tiny Home – Guntersville, AL

alaska tiny house buildersAlaska Tiny House Builders

Alaska has very unique challenges when it comes to tiny homes. They have to be well insulated to thrive in the icy cold winters but still conform to standard DOT trailer dimensions. Alaska tiny home builders focus on maximizing interior space while still giving you redundant heating systems backed up with excellent insulation and roofs capable of supporting a heavy snow load.

Tundra Tiny Homes – Wasilla, AK

Tiny Timber Homes – Big Lake, AK

arizona tiny house buildersArizona Tiny House Builders

Arizona tiny home builders know all the tricks to keep your home cool in the hot, dry summers and warm in the chilly winter nights. Large windows, energy-efficient air conditioning, and desert living systems like rainwater catchment and highly efficient solar are the name of the game.

Clear Creek Tiny Homes – Lakeside, AZ

Tiny Treasure Homes – Show Low, AZ

Luxtiny – Lakeside, AZ (Also offers an AZ tiny home community)

arkansas tiny house buildersArkansas Tiny House Builders

Despite offering great outdoor recreation opportunities and beautiful scenery in the Ozark area there are currently no true tiny home builders in Arkansas. There are several great options in surrounding states or you can check out some park model RV/Manufactured homes if you’re interested in staying local.

Ozark Tiny House Outlet – Bryant, AR

california tiny house buildersCalifornia Tiny House Builders

California is a mecca for outdoorsy types and with millions of current residents looking for affordable housing in an increasingly unattainable market tiny homes are filling an important niche. The state offers a variety of climate types and landscapes, with California tiny home builders offering equally diverse options in style and type of home.

Seabreeze Tiny Homes – Fresno, CA

California Tiny House – Fresno, CA

Humble Hand Craft (Also offers van conversions) – Ventura, CA

Tiny Mountain Houses – Roseville, CA

Cheeky Monkey Tiny House – Palm Springs, California (Can Ship Homes All Over The US)

colorado tiny house buildersColorado Tiny House Builders

Colorado offers some of the premier winter sports and outdoor activities in the world. Its combination of gorgeous mountains, stunning trails, and extensive availability of rural mountain land make it a major epicenter of the tiny house movement. You have your pick of several great tiny home builders who specialize in mountain friendly homes.

Mitchcraft Tiny Homes – Ft. Collins, CO

Tumbleweed Tiny House – Colorado Springs, CO

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses – Durango, CO

Sprout Tiny Homes – Pueblo, CO

connecticut tiny house buildersConnecticut Tiny House Builders

Connecticut offers some stunning mountain scenery and excellent trails in the Berkshire mountains but is still quite a tiny state. There aren’t currently any tiny house builders operating in Connecticut, but we’ll keep you posted if any open up for business.

None Currently Available

Delaware Tiny House Builders

Delaware is a lovely state with lots of hiking and especially beach activities, but it’s not known for its robust tiny home communities. Currently, there are no tiny house builders in the state of Delaware.

None Currently Available

florida tiny house buildersFlorida Tiny House Builders

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for tiny dwellers and others seeking an alternative lifestyle. Add in all the snowbirds and other retirees and you end up with a robust community of tiny enthusiasts, communities, and builders.

Cornerstone Tiny Homes – Longwood, FL

Tampa Bay Tiny Home – St. Petersburg, FL

Sanctuary Tiny Homes – Debary, FL

Moveable Roots – Melbourne, FL

georgia tiny house buildersGeorgia Tiny House Builders

Georgia is one of the fastest-growing states in America. Atlanta is a world-class city with a vibrant musical, nightlife, and restaurant scene. What makes it even cooler is that just miles outside the city limits you would swear you were in the rural South. This gives you tons of opportunities for finding RV parks, campgrounds, and private property to park your home on.

Mustard Seed Tiny Homes – Buford, GA

Hummingbird Tiny Houses – Danville, GA 

Free Range Tiny Homes – Eatonton, GA

hawaii tiny house buildersHawaii Tiny House Builders

Hawaii offers an interesting problem for tiny dwellers, namely, it’s an island. When you have your home built on Hawaii you need to be sure you want it to stay there because shipping it to the mainland gets expensive, really fast. Several good Hawaii tiny home builders know how to maximize the features needed in a tropical climate.

Habitats Hawaii – Honokaa, HI

Tiny Pacific Houses, Honolulu, HI

Island Tiny Homes 

idaho tiny house buildersIdaho Tiny House Builders

Idaho offers vast open spaces and wonderful trails for those into hiking and camping. It’s easy to find remote properties at very reasonable prices out in Idaho. Idaho tiny home builders know just how to prepare your home for the cold winters and heavy snow loads common to the area.

Tiny Ida Homes – Emmet, ID

illinois tiny house buildersIllinois Tiny House Builders

Illinois offers a great mix of urban decadence in Chicago with excellent outdoor activities. The high-priced nature of Chicago living makes it a great place for tiny dwellers willing to go a bit outside the city. There aren’t a lot of choices for Illinois tiny home builders but we found one for you.

Switchgrass Tiny Homes – Champaign, IL

indiana tiny house buildersIndiana Tiny House Builders

Indiana, like many of the Plains states, offers some unique challenges to tiny home builders. Higher levels of wind and rain resistance are necessary for the storms that occasionally form on those vast open plains.

Carpenter Owl Tiny Homes – Bloomington, IN

iowa tiny house buildersIowa Tiny House Builders

Iowa has plenty of open space for tiny dwellers to put down roots, but hasn’t been the friendliest place in terms of zoning or another official welcome. The lack of mountains or other major wilderness recreation has also pushed Iowa further down the list of tiny life destinations.

None Currently Available

kansas tiny house buildersKansas Tiny House Builders

Kansas has a ton of open space but not a ton of other big draws. Currently, there are no notable tiny communities or tiny home builders in the state.

None Currently Available

kentucky tiny house buildersKentucky Tiny House Builders

Kentucky bluegrass doesn’t just refer to catchy music, bluegrass plains and other wild places make it a great place to set down roots. There are caverns to explore and the Kentucky section of the Appalachian mountains to provide tons of hiking and camping opportunities. Kentucky has a moderate climate with frequent rain. Kentucky tiny home builders know how to keep you affordably cool in the summer and nice and toasty in the mild winters.

Wheel Life Tiny Homes – Cold Springs, KY

Louisiana tiny house buildersLouisiana Tiny House Builders

Louisiana has a hot, humid climate with a mix of swamps, bayou’s, and coastal regions. Louisiana tiny home builders know all the tricks of the trade to help you keep the temperature down and the water out.

Tee Tiny Houses – Arnaudsville, LA

maine tiny house buildersMaine Tiny House Builders

Maine is the northernmost state in the continental US and has the winters to prove it. In the spring through fall Maine is a wilderness playground with hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and all kinds of other activities available. Maine tiny home builders specialize in protecting you from the cold winters with sufficient insulation and snow load resistance to get you through.

Tiny Homes of Maine – Houlton, ME

Tiny Houses of Maine – Topsham, ME

maryland tiny house buildersMaryland Tiny House Builders

Maryland is smack dab in the middle of the South and the Northeast, with a mild climate to match its location. It has a lovely seashore full of fun activities but, like much of the Northeast, offers difficulty in finding a place to park your tiny home.

Civic Works Tiny Houses – Baltimore, MD

Hobbitat Spaces Tiny Homes (Only builds in Garrett County, MD) – Garrett County, MD

Massachusetts tiny house buildersMassachusetts Tiny House Builders

Massachusetts is a beautiful yet densely populated Northeastern state with a lot of natural wonders to explore. Winters can be very cold, and finding parking for your tiny home is made difficult by restrictive zoning, but if you can pull it off it’s a great place to live. Massachusetts tiny home builders can help you navigate these local difficulties and point you in the direction of cool places to live.

B&B Tiny Houses – Adams, MA

Michigan tiny house buildersMichigan Tiny House Builders

Located right on the northern border with Canada, Michigan has cold winters but significant watersports and outdoor activities near the Great Lakes. Michigan tiny home builders prioritize insulation, heating methods, and snow load reinforcement when planning out your home.

The Wilderness Cabin – Orion, MI

Great Lakes Tiny Homes – Mt. Pleasant, MI

Minnesota tiny house buildersMinnesota Tiny House Builders

The ‘Land of ten thousand lakes’ Minnesota offers gorgeous tracts of remote countryside mere hours from a major international city. There aren’t a lot of tiny home builders in Minnesota, but the ones there know just how to protect your home from the icy winters while meeting your vision.

Midwest Tiny Living – St. Cloud, MN

Mississippi tiny house buildersMississippi Tiny House Builders

Mississippi is a hot and humid coastal state with lots of backcountry adventures or Gulf Coast play available. Mississippi tiny home builders have to prioritize designs that keep you cool and comfortable through the hot summer and can stand up to weather events of the Gulf.

Tiny House Life Space – Hattiesburg, MS

Missouri tiny house buildersMissouri Tiny House Builders

Missouri is smack dab in the middle of the country and boasts two major cities on either side of the state. The southern part of the state has numerous national forests and other outdoor recreation areas. There isn’t a huge tiny life presence in Missouri but they’re making themselves felt.

Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders – St. Peters, MO

montana tiny house buildersMontana Tiny House Builders

Montana is well known as ‘Big Sky Country’ for the vast open spaces across this outdoorsman’s paradise. There’s world-class skiing, hiking, camping, and pretty much any other outdoor activity you can think of. Like many Western states though, the low population density makes it difficult to support a permanent tiny home builder.

None Currently Available

nebraska tiny house buildersNebraska Tiny House Builders

On paper, Nebraska is a great candidate for potential tiny dwellers. It has wide open spaces, tons of inexpensive land, and a few nice cities for more urban pursuits. Unfortunately, as the high-profile Mike family found, zoning and permitting a tiny house in Nebraska can be seriously fraught with difficulties.

None Currently Available

nevada tiny house buildersNevada Tiny House Builders

Nevada offers vast desert spaces that many snowbirds and mobile tiny dwellers love. Las Vegas offers world-class entertainment with excellent services and activities. Nevada tiny home builders work to build tiny homes that provide the best possible natural and artificial cooling plus useful desert-dwelling features.

Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers – South Lake Tahoe, NV

Sierra Tiny Houses – Reno, NV

New Hampshire tiny house buildersNew Hampshire Tiny House Builders

New Hampshire is a Northeastern state with some of the best outdoor recreational possibilities in the region. The White Mountain range offers excellent hiking, camping, and hunting with skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports available in the winter. There’s only one New Hampshire tiny home builder currently but they serve much of the New England area.

Tiny House Northeast – Wakefield, NH

New Jersey tiny house buildersNew Jersey Tiny House Builders

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the US. It has lots of large and mid-sized cities but still offers reasonably recreation possibilities in the Pine Barrens and similar regions. There’s currently just one New Jersey tiny home builder.

Big B Tiny Homes 

new mexico tiny house buildersNew Mexico Tiny House Builders

New Mexico, alongside Arizona and Nevada, is one of the desert states most commonly visited by snowbirds in the winter. It offers a milder climate during the winter months but has serious desert highs during the summer. New Mexico tiny home builders design their homes to catch every cooling breeze and to have the best possible insulation for keeping the heat out and cool in.

Southwest Tiny Homes – Williamsburg, NM

new york tiny home buildersNew York Tiny House Builders

New York is a lot more than just the city. Upstate New York offers beautiful rural and semi-rural living with lots of great outdoor recreation available. New York tiny home builders know how to create stunning homes that can stand up to the cold temps and occasional snowfalls of the region.

Tiny Hamptons Homes – Southampton, NY

Bear Creek Tiny Houses – WoodGate, NY

Hudson River Tiny Homes – Hudson, NY

north carolina tiny house buildersNorth Carolina Tiny House Builders

North Carolina offers a combination of mountainous regions and lowlands for you to explore. It has a mostly mild climate with some snow at higher elevations. North Carolina tiny home builders focus on keeping your home cool in the summer and warm but not too hot in the winter.

Wishbone Tiny Homes (Only make foundation tiny homes locally) – Asheville, NC

Perch and Nest Tiny Homes – Winston-Salem, NC

Bucks Tiny Homes – Spruce Pine, NC

Little Houses of the World – Flat Rock, NC

north dakota tiny house buildersNorth Dakota Tiny House Builders

North Dakota offers some of the wildest and most remote areas of the US. It’s lightly populated and includes huge stretches of national forests, BLM, and other public land for recreation. Rural areas have very limited zoning restrictions and the land is cheap. There are currently no tiny house builders in North Dakota.

None Currently Available

ohio tiny house buildersOhio Tiny House Builders

Ohio is a thriving Midwestern state with large cities, vibrant businesses, and tons of fun recreational opportunities. Ohio offers multiple options for tiny home builders, across a range of styles and types. They know just how to prepare your home for the cold winters and frequent snowfall.

Modern Tiny Living – Columbus, OH

Small Spaces CLE – Cleveland, OH

Maverick Tiny Homes – Eaton, OH

Lil Bear Tiny Homes – North Jackson, OH

Oklahoma tiny house buildersOklahoma Tiny House Builders

Oklahoma is a plains state with a few low mountains and frequent rolling hills. There are a good bit of outdoor activities available but no major tiny communities to speak of. Currently, there are no tiny home builders in Oklahoma.

None Currently Available

oregon tiny house buildersOregon Tiny House Builders

Oregon is one of the most bustling and progressive states in the US. It has tons of outdoor activities available, excellent job markets, and a housing sector that’s increasingly becoming unattainable for the average person. This has made Oregon one of the epicenters of the tiny house movement, giving you tons of choices for Oregon tiny home builders.

Thimble Homes – Newberg, OR

PAD Tiny Houses – Portland, OR

Oregon Cottage Company – Eugene, OR

Tiny Smart House – Albany, OR

Shelterwise – Portland, OR

Handcrafted Movement Tiny Homes – Portland, OR

Tiny Heirloom – Portland, OR

Pennsylvania tiny house buildersPennsylvania Tiny House Builders

Pennsylvania isn’t exactly known as a major place in the tiny world. The state is densely populated and has relatively strict zoning and building requirements. Despite this several tiny home builders have made their home in Pennsylvania.

Liberation Tiny Homes – Leola, PA

Cedar Hollow Tiny Homes – East Berlin, PA

rhode island tiny house buildersRhode Island Tiny House Builders

As the smallest state in the US, you’d think Rhode Islanders would embrace the tiny movement with open arms. At the moment that hasn’t happened, with no tiny home builders currently active in Rhode Island.

None Currently Available

South Carolina tiny house buildersSouth Carolina Tiny House Builders

South Carolina is made up of wetlands and other regions near the coast, Piedmont and Blue Ridge mountain zones further inland. This gives you a diverse range of landscapes offering beach activities, hiking, and plenty of other options. One thing’s for sure though: South Carolina is hot and humid. There are currently no active tiny house builders in South Carolina, but there are several great options in nearby states.

None Currently Available

south dakota tiny house buildersSouth Dakota Tiny House Builders

Like its sister state to the north, South Dakota offers vast empty spaces and affordable tracts of land. It also has some of the most famous and memorable state and national parks in the US, including Badlands National Park and Mt. Rushmore. Given its vast size and low population, it’s no surprise that there aren’t any permanently operating tiny home builders currently.

None Currently Available

Tennessee tiny house buildersTennessee Tiny House Builders

Tennessee offers a rugged and beautiful mountainous landscape comprising the western range of the Blue Ridge Mountains, including the Great Smoky Mountains, and many other subranges. It has excellent recreational opportunities, including several seasonal ski and snowboard resorts. Tennessee tiny home builders work to keep you warm in the chilly winters and cool in the hot and humid summers.

Wind River Tiny Homes – Chattanooga, TN

New Frontier Tiny Homes – Nashville, TN

Incredible Tiny Homes – Newport, TN

Heartland Tiny Homes – Dover, TN

texas tiny house buildersTexas Tiny House Builders

As the largest state in the continental US, it’s no surprise that Texas offers a diverse range of landscapes and activities. Vibrant modern cities are dotted across the state and interspersed with vast areas of deeply rural land perfect for alternative living. Texas Tiny Home Builders can make you just about any type of style of the house based on your vision.

Nomad Tiny Homes – Dripping Springs, TX

American Tiny House – Long View, TX

Tex Zen Tiny Home Co. – Austin, TX

Small Dwelling Co. – Weatherford, TX

Pratt Homes – Tyler, TX

utah tiny house buildersUtah Tiny House Builders

Utah is widely recognized as one of the best places in the world to be for outdoor activities. World-class hiking, skiing, and snowboarding are found all over the northern part of the state, with brutally beautiful desert landscapes all across the southern area.

Zions Tiny Homes – St. George, UT

vermont tiny house buildersVermont Tiny House Builders

Vermont has a well-deserved reputation as a ‘crunchy’ region of the country. It’s a small state but it has spectacular hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities in the Green Mountains and nearby areas. The tiny house movement hasn’t exploded in Vermont, but there are several good Vermont tiny home builders to choose from.

Tiny House Crafters – Londonderry, VT

Jamaica Cottage Shop – Londonderry, VT  (They sell Tiny House Kits For Under $5k!)

virginia tiny house buildersVirginia Tiny House Builders

Virginia offers a diverse range of landscapes and types of living. There are major cities, beautiful wilderness areas, and one of the most popular national parks in the Country, Shenandoah. There are several quality tiny home builders located in Virginia to help you make your tiny dream come true.

Build Tiny – Berryville, VA

Tiny House Building Company – Fredericksburg, VA

washington tiny house buildersWashington State Tiny House Builders

Like Oregon, Washington State boasts a vibrant and growing population of progressive people with a deep interest in sustainable living. The natural scenery is breathtaking, and major employment centers like Seattle offer excellent job prospects. You can pick between several foundation and THOW builders in Washington.

Green Pod Development – Port Townsend, WA

Cascade Tiny Houses

Seattle Tiny Homes – Seattle, WA

Tiny House Cribs – Wenatchee, WA

Big Freedom Tiny Homes – Bellingham, WA

West Virginia tiny house buildersWest Virginia Tiny House Builders

West Virginia has some of the most mountainous and rugged landscapes east of the Mississippi River. It’s a heavily rural state with low population density. There are currently no tiny house builders active in West Virginia.

None Currently Available

Wisconsin tiny house buildersWisconsin Tiny House Builders

Wisconsin, ‘America’s Dairyland’, is well known for its rolling hills and beautiful countryside. It offers a continental climate with warm summers and very cold winters. There are several tiny home communities within Wisconsin, as well as tiny home builders.

Utopian Villas – Mt. Pleasant, WI

Escape Tiny Homes – Rice Lake, WI

Northern Tiny Living – Neillsville, WI

Wyoming tiny house buildersWyoming Tiny House Builders

Wyoming is the least populated state in the US, boasting just over 500,000 residents spread out over nearly 100,000 square miles. It offers incredible privacy on inexpensive parcels of land and is a great option if you’ve been considering alternative living. There’s currently just one tiny home builder in Wyoming.

Wheel Haus – Jackson, WY

Washington D.C. tiny house buildersWashington D.C. Tiny House Builders

Our nation’s capital is a tiny area of land and is less than welcoming to tiny homes within the city limits. It isn’t exactly renowned for its bustling tiny living scene, but a single builder is offering gorgeous homes both with foundations and on a trailer.

Minim Homes – Washington, D.C.

Josh Davidson

Josh Davidson

Josh is a freelance writer and avid outdoorsman. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Political Science and has done his best since to live location-independent. He's been a firm supporter of the tiny movement, new homesteaders, and sustainable alternative living and used his knowledge of these topics to convert a 1999 Dodge Ram van to explore as much of Wild America as he could reach.
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